According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a former head photographer for WWE by the name of Tom Buchanan, who worked for WWE from 1987 to 2001, has gone on his Facebook telling people not to vote for Linda McMahon in her Senate election next month.

Buchanan made note that Linda was a nice person, but that every business the McMahon’s have gotten into, aside from wrestling, has failed. Buchanan made note that when the WWE went public in 1999, none of the long-time employees or wrestlers got any stock.

“It was those workers who struggled through one downturn after another, and who helped the company claw its way from near bankruptcy to a billion dollars in value, but Linda kept the profits for her own family and gave the workers no piece of the enormous value they had created. Linda has consistently enriched herself at the expense of the workers, and has consistently failed to pass along meaningful value to the line-workers who created that wealth. We need United States Senators who recognize the contributions of workers, and who understand the importance of rewarding work over wealth. Linda is demonstrably not that person.”