According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has launched an online campaign to promote their breast cancer and anti-bullying campaigns with the slogan “5 Million Women Watch WWE”.

The campaign mentions John Cena’s help with the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation as well as the “Be a Star” campaign. It also mentions WWE’s PG programming with the message that WWE’s goal is to “put smiles on people’s faces”.

It is said that this has nothing to do with Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign.

Ads for the campaign have been put on local & national websites.

Brian Flinn of WWE added:

“The purpose of the campaign is to highlight WWE’s commitment to pro-social initiatives. Any implication or assertion that WWE is coordinating with Linda McMahon’s U.S. Senate campaign is false; to do so would be unlawful and in violation of Federal Election Commission regulations.”

When asked about why the campaign is more so focused on Connecticut than any other state, Flinn said that its part of WWE’s long term initative in the state where they are “routinely mischaracterized.”