John “Bradshaw” Layfield via his official Facebook page.

I’ve written alot about the Frog Splash by Eddie Guerrero on me from the top of the cage. However, since it happened in Providence and we are in the same building tonight, I put the video up on my site at Hope you enjoy and hope you sign up for newsletter!

The idea was for Eddie to do something great, we both agreed this was a perfect ending. Eddie had broken his arm in his debut with WWE on a frog splash so he had worked with his brother Hector to clasp his hands and prevent that from happening again (the clasping of hands takes the pressure off the arms upon impact). This was at least twice as high as a normal frog splash. This was a dangerous move (same as Snuka did the dangerous move so many years before onto Don Muraco).

Eddie practiced the move earlier in the day and missed the mark by several feet-now remember, I am the one that will be laying there. This would have had Eddie landing on me in a way that one of us (probably me) would have been badly hurt.

Eddie got up and said he “had it’. I just laughed and said, ‘No, I would have had it”. Eddie was convinced he ‘had it’ and didn’t need to go over it again. I trusted Eddie completely but I have to admit had some reservations about what was going to happen.

Eddie was not a small guy, seeing him come off that cage was scary, especially knowing I am now the landing pad. Eddie did indeed ‘have it’. Eddie landed it perfectly.

My whole right side went numb for seconds-I thought I was OK, but didn’t know for sure until I started getting some feeling coming back. My right arm and entire side lost feeling for a matter of seconds that felt like minutes and it is that panic wondering if the feeling does come back, it did.

We finished the match and put another one into the books that night with my great friend Eddie. I miss Eddie, wish he was still around. Seeing old videos reminds me of how great our rivalry was and how much I would love to laugh with him about the things we did.

I still have pictures of Eddie in my ‘mancave’ in Bermuda as one of my groomsmen in my wedding, i always smile when I look at them.