Anthony Sulla-Heffinger of The New York Post is featuring an interview with WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman. A majority of the discussion focuses on the new “WWE ’13” video game.

Paul Heyman on if it is disrespectful to WWE’s current roster by using the Attitude Ers:

“I do think it’s disrespectful, and here’s why. As with anything else in life, you have to constantly re-invent yourself. I don’t think it’s any secret that the Attitude Era was spawned from the ECW days, and as the architect of the ECW experience, I can tell you that the 1990s are dead. That means that the extreme concept, the Attitude Era has run its course. The reason why it is in this game today is so that people can compare the modern era to the Attitude experience. The WWE can continue to look on the Attitude Era as its glory days and ignore the magnificent performances that are being delivered every week by their current reigning, defending WWE Champion who proclaims himself to be the best in the world and with good reason, because he is. These people who are hanging onto the past need to understand that by doing that they are not allowing the audience to sink into the future.”

CM Punk on any similarities with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin:

“I prefer to say that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the Attitude Era’s version of CM Punk. Our similarities, and I’ve already talked about it. We both work extremely hard, we both love, respect and are passionate about this business. I don’t think that when he laced up his boots that there is anybody that worked harder than him and now there is not a single person today that can lace up their boots and work harder than me.”