WWE Saturday Morning Slam
November 3, 2012
Report by: Rocky Jimenez of Wrestleview.com

Rub the dust out your eyes, get on your favorite slippers, pour yourself a bowl of Trix, and plant your seat in front of The Vortex on CW, because it’s time for another edition of WWE Saturday Morning SLAM!

Scott Stamford welcomes us to the show! He mentions Brodus Clay will be facing Cody Rhodes in our main event. But we kick things off with lucha libre action in celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead. Josh Mathews and Santino are at the commentary table, and we are ready to kick off “WWE Slam de Sábado por la mañana”. (I’m sure Google Translate is wrong…)

Sin Cara vs. El Local

They lock up, and Local gets him backed into the corner. Sin Cara is able to float over him into an arm drag. Local looks to lock back up, but Cara starts to do flips while circling the ring, causing Local to escape to the apron. As Sin Cara gets the crowd going, Local runs in and gets him by the waist. Sin Cara snapmares him off. Sin Cara hits the ropes, and, as soon as Local grabs him, Sin Cara drags him by his head. Local is in the corner and it looks like Sin Cara is going to hit the monkey flip, but Local sets him on the top rope. As he turns around, Sin Cara leaps and hits the hurricanrana. Local tries to escape to the outside, but Sin Cara fakes him out as he looks to suicide dive to the outside, but instead goes for the corkscrew crossbody. El Local is back in the ring, and hits Sin Cara with a sidewalk slam. He picks up Sin Cara and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. He begins to squeeze down on Sin Cara’s abs, but Cara is able break out of it and hits a huge arm drag, which sends El Local to outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back in the ring, El Local has Sin Cara by the waist again. Sin Cara works back up, but Local tosses him into the corner. Local goes to splash him, but Sin Cara headbutts him in the gut. Local apparently didn’t learn, because goes to splash him again, but gets an armdrag for his mistake. A cover for Sin Cara, but only gets a two. They work back up, and Local hits some sort of Code Breaker variant on Sin Cara’s chest. Local goes for a pin and only gets two. Again Local goes for the abs of Sin Cara, but he fights out and hits a cross body. Sin Cara hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline to hit another hurricanrana. He gets Local up and hits his flippy arm drag. Sin Cara goes onto the apron, and Local goes after him and gets another headbutt, which sets up for Sin Cara to hit a corkscrew crossbody on the prone Local. This sets up Sin Cara to hit the Senton for the win!

WINNER – Sin Cara

After the match, Scott Stamford mentions that both Sin Cara and El Local represent lucha libre, and we are going to honor the sport of lucha libre for the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. We open up the Video Vault to check out the many masked luchadores who have graced the WWE.
We first look at La Parka, a staple of WCW back in the 90s, whose costume is said to represent a spirit of the Day of the Dead. Next, we look at The Juice, Juventud Guerrera, who was a main member of the high flying cruiserweights! And, of course, if you want to mention luchadores in WWE, you can’t leave out the by far greatest WWE star in this generation, the always popular Rey Mysterio!

Of course, not only is talent needed to be a great luchador, but also a mask that symbolizes your heritage, and Rey Rey has many of them. He shows us his three favorite masks: The red and black he wore on his first SmackDown!, the black, gold, and silver for San Diego, and his camo mask he wears for Tribute to the Troops!

-Commercial Break-

It’s main event time, and Brodus Clay, and the two generics that join him on WWE ’13, are making their way to the ring. Money in the Bank winner Dolph Ziggler is on commentary this time around, and Cody Rhodes is going to have his first experience on SatMor SLAM! This should be very fun!!!

Brodus Clay vs. Cody Rhodes

They lock up, and Brodus pushes Cody away, jiving a little bit. They lock up, and Brodus again pushes Cody away. They go to lock up again, and the time Brodus just picks him up and body slams Cody. Brodus tosses Cody out, but Cody Hangs onto the ropes. Cody skins the cat, and turns around right into a big shoulder tackle by Brodus. Cody gets up, and eats a hip toss for his efforts. Brodus goes towards Cody, but Cody slips outside to regroup.

-Commercial Break-

Before we go back to action, Heath Slater grants us with a “Don’t Try This” spot. *Play Air Guitar*

Back into the ring, and Cody Rhodes is hitting the mat hard from a big back body drop! Brodus goes toward Cody, but Cody pleads with Clay. He says that, since he and the fans like to dance, why not just dance! Brodus is ok with his, and Cody hits… THE CARLTON, BAH GAWD HE’S DOING THE CARLTON!!! The crowd wasn’t as thrilled though, and Cody is upset. Cody wants to see Brodus dance, and Clay begins to mock Cody. Cody takes this opening to trying and cross body Clay, but Brodus lifts him up. Cody is able to slip out of it though and nail the big guy with a dropkick to the back, which sends Brodus into the ropes. Cody climbs to the top rope, and, as the big guy turns around, Cody nails another big missile dropkick. Cody goes for a pin, but Brodus just tosses him off. Cody tries to pick up the big guy, but gets whipped into the corner. Brodus looks to splash Cody, but he moves and, in what will remind kids about bullies, lays behind Brodus to trip him. Cody goes for a pin, but still only one. Cody tries to work the leg of Brodus, gets kicked away, and goes back to try and apply the figure four on Brodus. Brodus rolls it into a pin. They get back up, and Cody goes for a crossbody, but Brodus catches him again, and squashes him hard! Brodus splats Cody in the middle of the ring for the win!

WINNER – Brodus Clay


On an update from last week, I did not realize Bateman got injured, so I hope he makes a quick recovery, because we need him more on WWE!

This week is a real mixed bag for me. I loved the matches, and they did a good job on the camera work this time not cutting away from action. My complaint, though, is that this is becoming less and less a kids show and more into just a wrestling show in general. That would be cool, make it like the mid-card WWE Main Event, but when you are pushing this show in the middle of a kids Saturday Morning block, you need to try and attract more fans that age, not fans that read this recap! I don’t want to lose the 5 readers I know I have, but WWE seems to want to just make this the next WWE event block. I mean, the middle segment was literally 3-4 minutes long, and took place right after a match, no commercial beforehand.

Ok, ranting over, Sin Cara and El Local had a great match! I’m quite sure the guy they brought in was NOT a luchador, but he made Sin Cara look great! And after the week Sin Cara has had, he needed this match.

Seeing La Parka on WWE TV was kinda cool. I do think it would be fun to add La Parka back to WWE, just to have him in opener and mid-card matches, but I know WWE won’t do it. But hearing Rey explain why those were three off his favorite masks out of OVER 1000 masks he has (I know where you thought I was going with that, and I trolled you all!!!)

When I saw Cody vs. Brodus, I knew this was going to be fun. They did not disappoint. Though it was weird to hear Dolph on commentary, and to have someone like Cody on SLAM, I enjoyed this match. And yes, that was seriously how I reacted to Cody doing the Carlton! Most awesome thing this show has produced so far!

Well, that’s all from me. If you don’t mind, I have to get ready to meet Raven and NEW NWA World Champion Kahaas before NWA-TOT Political Persecution. Oh, and only one more week to get ready for Season 3 of MLP:FiM! Three awesome Saturdays in a row!!! Until next week every pony!

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