WWE Main Event Recap
November 14, 2012
Cleveland, Ohio
Commentators: Michael Cole and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin
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Yes, as Bruce Buffer says…

IT’S TIME! Oh, it’s time to bring you another amazing episode of WWE Main Event on ion Television!

Four nights away from Survivor Series, Michael Cole and Cleveland’s Own, Mike Mizanin introduce us to WWE Main Event. They recap the events of Monday Night Raw, where The Miz and Kane were in a tag team match.

Josh Mathews is backstage with Team Hell No, as they argue about the events of Monday Night, as Team Rhodes Scholars attack Daniel Bryan from behind.

A video package plays highlighting Team Hell No’s dysfunctional rise to the top and feud with the Rhodes Scholars. I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Team Rhodes Scholars enter the arena as we go to commercial break.

*commercial break*

Match #1:
World Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No (c’s) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared to compete tonight. Kane and Bryan drop the belts and make a beeline for the ring, clearing said ring of Team Rhodes Scholars. Kane and Rhodes open up the match, as Rhodes takes control of the Big Red Comedy Machine, but Kane takes back control with some precise strikes and a snapmare headlock. One shoulder block later, and Dat Boy D-Bryan gets tagged in and kicks Cody Rhodes’s chest in. Daniel sets up the Cattle Branding, and tags in Kane after that. Cody ducks the Kane punch, and Daniel Bryan gets hit in the face. Cody tries to take advantage, but gets a punch for his own efforts. Team Hell No argues a little before Cody hits a Dropkick on Kane, and Damien Sandow takes advantage of the referee distraction.

*commercial break*

We come back to Damien Sandow with control of Kane. Sandow tags in Cody and lays Kane out with a double suplex. Cody Rhodes attacks from the top, laying Kane out. Kane goes for the chokeslam, and Cody tries to counter, but gets a back body drop for his troubles. Kane tags in Daniel Bryan, and Daniel bodies Cody’s shoulder, but only gets a two count. Daniel goes for the flying headbutt, and Sandow distracts him, giving Cody enough time to roll out of the way. Cody tags in Sandow, and Sandow whips Daniel into the barricade. Daniel makes it in, only to have Sandow take advantage. Sandow goes for a pinfall, and Daniel Bryan kicks out. Sandow locks Bryan in a Body Guillotine, and we go to commercial.

*commercial break*

We come back to Main Event with Damien Sandow controlling the waist. Daniel Bryan tries to do a rope rebound, but gets smacked with a Kitchen Sink, yet kicks out at one. Damien tries to set up a Superplex, but Bryan knocks him down, and lands a missile dropkick. Daniel gets to Kane for the hot tag, and Kane goes all types of buck wild, but Damien kicks out at two. Kane knocks Cody off the ropes, hits the flying clothesline, drops Sandow with a Chokeslam and tags Bryan. Bryan flies like a boss, hits the headbut and Team Hell No retains the Tag Titles.

Winners: Team Hell No (still Unified Tag Champs)
Final Move: Flying Headbutt

Matt Striker is ringside with Team Hell No. Matt asks about the potential of Miz and Bryan burying the hatchet. Daniel begins a long winded speech, but Kane insists that he should. Daniel vehemently refuses to make amends at first, but Daniel reconsiders, and wants Miz to hug it out with him. Miz refuses flatly.

*commercial break*

We open up with a Survivor Series promo/Raw Rebound. Boy, did Brad Maddox get his ass mauled. And yes…Ryback is hungry. Someone feed him a CM Punk Ice Cream bar. NOW.

John Cena’s on par to tie or surpass Ric Flair, Ryback is hungry and Punk is scared.

Cole and Miz are interviewing with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler takes a shot at not only CM Punk, but the Miz as well. Miz and Ziggler go back and forth, and Ziggler reminds everyone that he is Mr. Money In The Bank.

Shoutouts to Cap’N Crunch.

It’s official! Dolph Ziggler vs. Mike Mizanin next week on WWE Main Event!

Match #2
Santino Marella vs. David Otunga

Santino and David trade control of the match. Otunga whips Santino into the ropes and Santino power walks back and forth, setting up the armdrag. Otunga takes control, and nonchalantly covers Santino twice, to no avail. Another shoulder block and a gut buster, and Santino kicks out. David powers Santino around, posing like a boss. Santino fails at the kip-up, Otunga goes for another shoulder block, and misses. Santino begins picking up momentum, hits the armdrag, and the Cobra strikes!!!!

Winner: Santino Marella
Final Move: The Cobra

Bowman’s Bulletpoints:

– Happy (early) Birthday to me! I turn 25 years of age this Friday. Here’s my gift to you, the reader:

– Old McDonald had a GOAT! E-I-E-I…NO!

– Cody injures himself on a bad landing. While unfortunate, that was all on him. The way he flailed told the whole story.

– The Miz should have hugged it out.

– The Miz and Dolph Ziggler have wonderful chemistry with each other outside of the ring. Next week we’ll see what happens in the ring.

– Santino and Otunga was a fun little match. Way better than last week’s match with Truth and Slater. Full of fun spots.

– Team Hell No retains. Hot main event, but Miz and Ziggler stole the show.

Next Week on WWE Main Event:
‘Mr. Money In The Bank’ Dolph Ziggler vs. Mike “The Miz” Mizanin

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