James Field sent this report in.

Smackdown Results:

Miz TV kicks off Smackdown. The guest this week is John Cena. Miz and Cena go back and forth. Aj comes down to try and explain her actions. Ziggler interrupts, then Vickie opens her annoying mouth. Segment ends with Cena talking about Vickie loving nuts and Ziggler not finding his.

Ryback vs Darren Young
Big reaction for Ryback. He clears out the furniture from Miz TV. Young got some offense in but Ryback hits the meat hook clothesline and the Shell Shock for the win. Titus O’Neal comes in and gets a Shell Shock for his trouble. (Ryback was great with the fans. He made his entrance during commercial and went around slapping hands with fans.)

Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara
Decent match, Sin Cara only botched once I think. Del Rio wins with the Cross Armbreaker.

Antonio Cesaro vs R Truth
Truth picks up the win after hitting his finisher. Kind of an upset.

Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow IC Title
Kingston wins after Trouble in Paradise. Good match, Sandow is getting better and better.

Big Show vs Team Hell No
Bryan takes a beating in this match but refused to tag Kane for a while. Eventually Kane gets the tag and works over Big Show. Goes for the Chokeslam, Bryan hits a blind tag and gets Chokeslammed for his troubles which leads to a Big Show win. Kane checks on Bryan asking him why, Big Show goes to hit the WMD, Kane ducks and takes Show out.

Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton (Main Event)
Another good match between these two. Lots of back and forth. Orton threw Ziggler over the barricade and they were both about 3 feet from me. Ziggler counters an RKO into a roll up and steals one.

After the match Ricardo Rodriguez hits the ring and gets hit with an RKO and Orton then stares down Del Rio. While this is going on Ziggler retreats to the top of the stage and is attacked by Cena, who puts him in the STF and has to be pulled off of him. The show ends with Orton posing for the crowd.

Post Show Bonus Match:
Big Show vs Sheamus World Heavyweight Title
Short match ends in a DQ after Show hit Sheamus with a chair in the gut. Show beats on him a little more before Sheamus fights back and hits him with the chair then the Brogue Kick. Sheamus shook hands with the fans and posed for everyone before Chimel said good night.

Side Note: Booker T announced at TLC it would be Sheamus vs Big Show in a chairs match for the World Heavyweight Title

Biggest pop: Hard to pick between Cena and Orton

Most heat: Ziggler and Vickie