WWE Saturday Morning Slam
November 24, 2012
Report by: Rocky Jimenez of Wrestleview.com

Rub the dust out your eyes, get on your favorite slippers, grab a McSkillet burrito before they completely leave the menu, and plant your seat in front of The Vortex on CW, because it’s time for another edition of WWE SatMor SLAM!

Scott Stamford welcomes us to “The high octane pro ride that is Saturday Morning Slam”! He mentions that he hopes we still have an appetite, as WWE serves up a special Pie Eating contest on this Thanksgiving edition of Saturday Morning Slam. But we kick things off with R-Truth on the commentary, and El Local makes his return to WWE. The masked superstar will face Skrillex in our opening contest! … Oh wait, my bad, the hair threw me off. It’s Justin Gabriel.

Justin Gabriel vs. El Local

They are circling the ring, and Local gets Gabriel in a wrist lock. Gabriel reverses it into an arm toss. Gabriel attempts to hit the snap mare, but Local is able to float over and gets Gabriel back into the wrist lock. Gabriel rolls out of it and sweeps Local’s legs. As local gets up, Gabriel hits the snap mare, and then attempts a very interesting variation on the crucifix pin, but only gets two. Local gets up, and attempts a back slide pin, but only gets a two count. Local gets Justin back into wrist lock, and then attempts to whip Gabriel off the ropes. Gabriel reverses, but Local slides out to the apron. Gabriel attempts to tackle Local, but Local Jumps back into the ring, and Justin slides out safely. Local looks like he is going to bounce off the ropes, but Gabriel trips Local. As Local rests on the ropes, Gabriel is able to get himself onto Locals shoulders, and attempts to pin, but only gets two. Justin looks like he is going to hit a leg scissors, but Local tosses him off. Gabriel goes again, but this time Local hits a gut buster on Gabriel. He attempts to pin, but only gets a two count. Local picks up Gabriel for a suplex and goes for the pin, again only getting a two. Local tries to pull Justin’s arm out of joint, but Justin gets up, tosses Local away, and hits a mid-ring monkey flip on Local. Local tries to clothesline Gabriel, but he ducks and goes to the second rope and hits Local with a shoulder tackle. Justin then runs up Local’s back, who is in the corner, rolls though and hits a package powerbomb, but comes up short with a two count. Just looks to finish it with a DDT, but Local tosses him into the ropes. Justin then floats over to try a Reverse DDT, but Local pushes him into the corner. This sets up for Justin to jump to the second rope and connect into a Reverse DDT for the win!

WINNER – Justin Gabriel

-Commercial Break-

We come back, and Scott mentions that Thanksgiving is all about being with family and reflecting on what we are thankful for. But, what are WWE Superstars thankful for? Well, that’s why we have a segment called…

THE 3RD DEGREE – What are you thankful for?

Eve – Friends and Family

Drew McIntyre – 3 Man Band “And the beautiful music that we bring to the world!”

Mick Foley – Great Hair, One Ear, Winning Smile

David Otunga – Able to spend time with family and friends

Santino – The companionship of The Cobra

Dolph Ziggler – That the WWE Universe appreciates the gift he is, that he is a spelling bee champion, that he is the greatest athlete in the world, that he is a gift for the whole world, and that he has stayed humble through it all!

Now that we got the turkeys out of the way, it’s time for everybody’s favorite part of Thanksgiving… No, not watching the Cowboys manage to screw up in the end of the game (and screwing me out of fantasy league points!!!), but desert. More noticeably, the pie. Pecan, pumpkin, cherry, apple, Oreo Cheesecake… Great, thanks WWE, now I gotta go find where mine is stashed… Pie eating contest, go!

The Miz is lucky enough to be the host of this sure to be instant classic of a pie eating contest. The challengers are R-Truth, Santino, and Zack Ryder. They have one minute to eat as many pies as they can. They begin, and these guys are just monsters at it. Beast mode is in full eating effect! The minute is up, and Miz announces Santino is the winner! Zack and Truth are upset with the call, and decide to hit Santino with a couple of pies. Miz says that his cue to leave. The three contestants decide to have a food fight with the pies, plus the cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cream corn that just so happened to be there. Brodus Clay walks in with Cameron and Naomi and says that there is no way these guys can have a party with him! Santino begins the joy of a sugar rush, but apparently it’s too much for him and he crashes harder than The Shockmaster!

-Commercial Break-

It’s main event time, and the greatest band is making their way to the ring! 3MB will face Jimmy & Jey (See, I figured it out!) Uso, as R-Truth is all cleaned from his fun contest!

The Usos vs. 3MB (Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal)

It looks like Heath and Jey will start the match. Heath goes behind, and then gives Jey an arm drag, then goes to play guitar with The Fun One. Jey trips up Heath, but Slater goes for a small clothesline. He jumps over a short clothesline, but Jay manages to get behind Heath for a quick roll up, but no dice. Jey then begins to bust a move in the middle of the ring. Heath can’t believe it, as Jey tags his brother in. Both men continue to pop and lock. Heath tags Jinder in really quick, and Jinder goes to attack the Usos, but they toss both guys outside and hit a pair suicide dives on 3MB!

-Commercial Break-

Before we go back to action, Antonio Cesaro grants us with a “Don’t Try This” spot. *Begins to learn to speak five different languages*

Back to in ring action, and Jinder Mahal hits a huge sidewalk slam on Jimmy Uso. He then puts Jimmy into an abdominal stretch, but Jimmy is able to hip toss Mahal out of it. Jinder tags in Heath, and both men attack Jimmy in the corner, as Drew McIntyre begins to yell at R-Truth. Slater begins to squeeze down on Jimmy’s abdomen area, but Jimmy fights out, hitting a huge Samoan drop! Jimmy crawls to make the tag, and Heath attempts to keep him away by holding Jimmy’s foot, but Jimmy uses forward momentum to jump tag Jey in. Jey hits a flying clothesline off the top rope on Slater, and follows it up with a nice running forearm smash. He goes to whip Slater away, and Heath tries to reverse, but Jey reverses again and hits and jumping elbow to Heath’s face, and Heath drags himself to the vacant corner. Jey uses this to his advantage and smashes Heath in the corner. Jey goes for a pin, but Jinder breaks it up. This brings Jimmy into the ring, and as Jinder goes to attack Jimmy, he moves and Jimmy clotheslines Jinder to the outside. Jey climbs to the top rope, and Drew tries to attack Jey, but gets a boot to the face. This leads to Heath running up and getting Jey in a big slam of the corner into the middle of the ring for the big win!



I’m going to state that, at least through December 16th, this recap will be going up on Sundays, as Top Of Texas Wrestling is gearing up for our final show of the year, and we also have Houston Carson coming down in a few weeks. So I won’t be able to catch the shows on Saturdays for at least the next 3 weeks.

This show was hands down a big improvement, and this is the kind of show WWE should be putting on a Saturday morning lineup.

The opening match was fun if you are into all the flips and such. I didn’t mind it, but I see the young guys doing this at TOT as it is, so flips and such have no real effect to me anymore. I will say that, since the Day of the Dead episode of SatMor SLAM!, it is nice to see El Local get more in ring action. I hope they don’t change his name, even if they bring him on to job on the main card. I think that is a great gimmick to be from just wherever you wrestle that week. That means that technically you always a “hometown boy” in the roster!

The middle segment is what really set this episode above the bar! You don’t have to have “contests” every week, but having the stars actually interact like this is a legit show is when you make this show fun. They need to do more funny little spots like this to keep the flow of the show even!

I knew about the whole 3MB concept, and I wasn’t sure what I thought about it, even after the infamous promo they shot a couple weeks ago. Today’s match just proved that WWE knows what they are doing when they pair up a team. I enjoyed the interaction in this match, and I have to say this is one of the better tag matches that I have seen on WWE television. I don’t think 3MB need to have a title, but they need to keep these guys as long as possible!

Well, that’s all from me. If you don’t mind, I need to go find a MLP trading card tin before Black Weekend is over. Until next week everypony!

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