WWE Main Event Recap
November 28, 2012
Boosier City, Louisiana
Commentators: Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield
Report by: Clinton Bowman of Wrestleview.com

WWE Main Event is all about the cream rising to the top…oh yeah…The Cream of The Crop!

The pyro has been blasted and we head to JBL and Michael Cole! We are welcomed to WWE Main Event, hyping the match between John Cena vs. Damien Sandow.

“The WWE means everything to me…I’m fighting for every person whose dream was to fight in this ring.”

We open with a video package chronicling John Cena’s rise to fame as the man. We take a look at every facet of John’s career, in and out of the ring, including the recent Susan G. Komen campaign.

“Allow me to beg your indulgence for a moment.”

We get a solid video package, highlighting his rise to fame, and his proclamation that he will purge the WWE of the Ultimate false idol, John Cena.

Cody Rhodes (via Tout) wishes Damien Sandow luck in all his future singles endeavors, and wishes that he can resume their tag team dominance as he recovers.

Match #1:
“The Cenation Commander-In-Chief” John Cena v. “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow opens up his pre-match promo with a wonderful quote from Socrates. “The greatest strength is knowledge, and the greatest weakness is ignorance.” Sandow vows to end John’s “reign of ignorance” at his hand tonight.

The match begins with a tie-up, and Sandow gains control of the head, until the Cena chants begin. Damien Sandow cannot take it as he leaves the ring. Cena chases him around, and then they tie-up again. Cena whips Sandow into the corner. John charges Sandow, who attempts the counter, but John gets the heads up and tosses him like a BAHWS. Damien Sandow runs away, but Cena wouldn’t let him, tossing him back into the ring. Cena hard whips him into the corner after a stiff shoulder block, following up with a bulldog. Cena whips Sandow into the ropes, setting up for the back body, but Sandow kicks him in the chest, and then proceeds to stomp him out as we go to commercial break.

*commercial break*

Damien Sandow hits a cartwheel elbow drop as we comeback. Sandow covers Cena, who kicks out at two. Cena goes for the AA, but Sandow reverses, and pins Cena again, who kicks out at two. Cena gets covered again, and he kicks out one more time. Sandow drops Cena with the Russian Leg Sweep, and follows with the Elbow of Disdain, following up with another pin. Cena kicks out again, but Sandow doesn’t let up on the attack. John counters, but misses wildly with the shoulder block, and lands outside. Cena nearly beats the count, but Sandow doesn’t let him get back into the ring without some pain. Sandow and Cena go at it, and they hit the double clothesline spot. They both recover, and start throwing bombs, however, Cena takes control, until Sandow drops him with the drop toe hold, followed by a knee to the back. Sandow covers Cena one more time, and Cena kicks out as we go to commercial.

*commercial break*

Sandow drops Cena into the ropes with a solid fist. Cena is tied up in the ropes as he does another Rotation of Illumination, followed up with some body shots. Sandow steps off on Cena for one moment, and Cena drops him with the MEAN shoulder, followed up with some MMA-style punches. Cena throws him outside, attempts to toss him into the steps, but Sandow counters and Cena gets sent careening into the steps. Sandow covers Cena, and Cena kicks out at two. Sandow waits on Cena to get up, hits a swinging neckbreaker, covers Cena, and Cena kicks out at two again. Sandow is frustrated, hits the 3rd cartwheel, and follows with a pointed knee drop, and goes for another cover. Cena kicks out at two, pops up and chases Sandow into the corner, only to get hit with an elbow to the face. Sandow hits a 4th cartwheel, and goes for another knee drop, but Cena moves out the way, and makes his comeback. Cena hits the Five Knucks, and then goes for the Attitude Adjustment one more time, but Sandow reverses into a facebuster. Sandow goes to pin Cena, but Cena counters into the STF, and without even getting locked in, Sandow taps out immediately.

Winner: “The Cenation Commander-In-Chief” John Cena

Final Move: STF (Stepover Toehold Facelock)

Next on WWE Main Event:

Damien Sandow speaks with Josh Mathews and United States Champion Antonio Cesaro will be in action!

*commercial break*

Raw Rebound: The Shield strikes again. What does the Shield truly want?

Reminder: CM Punk vs. Ryback at TLC in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

We get a recap of the end of the Cena/Sandow match. Cole and JBL kick us to Josh Mathews, who reads a note, essentially rejecting the interview, and proclaiming that the “Age of Enlightenment has been postponed due to ignorance. You’re welcome.”

JBL and Cole kick us to a video package highlighting Antonio Cesaro’s amazing feats. He apparently personifies greatness. This maestro of recapping concurs.

*commercial break*

Match #2:
“The Swiss Superman” Antonio Cesaro (US Champion) v. “Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder

They lock up in the center of the ring. Cesaro drops Ryder with a Fireman’s Carry, followed by a string of Greco-Roman holds. Cesaro throws Ryder around a little bit, until he traps him in the corner with a solid set of strikes. Cesaro follows up with 2 mean Euro Uppercuts. Cesaro whips Ryder who attempts a pin on Cesaro, who kicks out. Cesaro gets sent to the outside, as Ryder begins to take control of the match.

*commercial break*

Cesaro has Ryder in a headlock as we comeback. Cesaro hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker, covering Ryder, who kicks out at 2. Ryder gets stomped on by Cesaro, who follows up with a bevy of soccerball kicks, as well as a deadlift slam to Ryder. Ryder eventually fights back, until Cesaro ducks out of the way of the Broski Boot. Ryder goes for a tope, but Cesaro hits Swiss Death on the outside! Cesaro rolls Ryder in, hits the Neutralizer, and the pin is academic.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro
Final Move: Neutralizer

Antonio Cesaro highlights Zack Ryder as everything that’s wrong with America. A ‘USA’ chant begins, as Cesaro begins to say that even though he doesn’t like this country, he is a superior champion to an inferior champion. Kofi Kingston interrupts, scoffing at Cesaro’s claim to be the greatest champion in the WWE. Kofi lays down a challenge to Cesaro for a Champion v. Champion match next week on ion Television!

Bowman’s Bulletpoints:

  • John Cena v. Damien Sandow was pure gold. Sandow, much like Ziggler, proved that he could GO against the Twelve Time Worlds Champion, John Cena, and looked good while losing.
  • Sandow’s pure disdainful character was the perfect juxtaposition to John Cena in the match, especially in the beginning of the match, where Sandow couldn’t handle the Cena chants.
  • Sandow’s hypocrisy comes into play with his showoff moves, but that’s okay, with the conflicting characters, it works exceptionally well.
  • Cesaro v. Ryder was decent. I still pop for Swiss Death and all the ways he finds to hit it. Ryder wasn’t too bad either, excellent bumping for Cesaro.
  • I’m actually looking forward to Kofi v. Antonio next week. Kofi has improved a little, and Cesaro can possibly do nothing but make him look good.

    Next Week:
    Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston v. US Champion Antonio Cesaro – Non-Title Match

    Next Time on “Main Event Hangover:” The Shield…What is their true intention, and why is this the best way to bring up these boys?

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