Justin Watry sent this in.

A.J. Kirsch was recently interviewed by Justin Watry of NoDQ covering multiple topics. From his time on WWE Tough Enough to multiple topics concerning today’s wrestling landscape, it is all discussed. For more information, follow @AJKirsch, @JustinWatry, and @nodqdotcom on Twitter!

The full interview can be found on NODQ’s website. Here are a few highlights:

JW: On that same note, you appeared in WWE as “Aaron James” against Brodus Clay. Do you enjoy watching the big man as the monster you faced or his current persona?

AJ: Good question. I have mixed feelings. From a business standpoint, when you think about the audience the WWE is marketing itself toward, it’s a great move. A larger-than-life character for the kids to get excited about. We’ve seen a ton of “monster” characters come and go, and Brodus was set to just be the next hulking, unstoppable beast. I don’t think anyone saw this change in character coming, and it’s always interesting to see how WWE can keep its longtime fans guessing. But, on the night he debuted, he came out with Ariane Andrew as Cameron, one of his dancers, and she was the first contestant eliminated from Tough Enough, sealing her fate when she told Steve that her favorite match of all time was Melina vs Alicia Fox. So, I wasn’t so much surprised by the debut of the “Funkasaurus” as I was shocked to see Ariane with the WWE. And once Andy Leavine and Christina Crawford were released from developmental, that meant out of everyone from Tough Enough, Ariane was the only one of us to come away with a contract. I have nothing against her personally. She has a job with WWE, so good for her. But, man, for guys like me, Eric Watts, Martin Casaus and Matt Cross that have been busting ass prior to and even more since Tough Enough, that was a bitter pill to swallow.

JW: Moving over to TNA, Steven Richards recently called them an “indy with TV.” Just recently Chuck Palumbo said they were a “low grade” company. As a current wrestler, how do you view Impact Wrestling in late 2012?

AJ: Impact Wrestling is still the distant, distant #2 promotion, obviously. Right now, I just appreciate the fact that there IS a #2 promotion and the entire sports-entertainment landscape is not just WWE. Competition is healthy for any business and I wish a promotion would catch fire and give WWE a run for its money, because that’s when it was at its hottest and most exciting. I think it will happen someday, but I don’t think it’s gonna be TNA that does it.