11/30 WWE Results: Asheville, North Carolina

Seth Link sent this report in.

Brodus Clay defeats Michael McGillicutty then dances with some local kids.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and talks but the crowd is so loud Matt Striker has to repeat that the crowd gets to vote on if AJ will get the chance to participate in a triple threat match for the Divas title by voting on twitter….kinda cool for a house show!

Antonio Cesaro retained the United States title over Jack Swagger and R Truth.

Zack Ryder beat some guy from Detroit….nothing special.

AJ is voted into the Divas title match making it a triple threat match with Kaitlyn and Eve. Late in the match Eve connects with her finisher on kaitlyn but AJ puts her body in between the refs arm and the three count…backs him in to the corner…and pats him on the head. AJ with a hard kick to Eve for the one, two, three!!! Vickie comes out and restarts the match because AJ put her hands on the ref. Eve jumps her from behind and retains the title.

John Cena defeats Dolph Ziggler. Funny spot with AJ and Vickie fighting over the Money in the Bank briefcase where Vickie slips, falls to her knees, and plants face first into Cena’s crotch. Definitely not the PG finish we’re used to.

Santino over Tensai….WHAT?!?!

Team Hell No retained over Primo and Epico.

CM Punk is really picking at the crowd! Told one guy who said he was going hit Punk in the mouth to be a man and get in the ring. Then told him he had a vagina.

Ryback wins by disqualification over CM Punk when The Shield came through the crowd and attack Ryback. Team Hell No comes down to make the save. Ryback then hits Punk with the shell shock to end the show.