WWE Main Event
December 19, 2012
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Michael Cole, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin
Report by: Clinton Bowman of Wrestleview.com

What better way to introduce WWE Main Event from Philly than with the Fresh Prince!

“The question is…whether or not you will become the Tag Team Champions…HELL NO!”

Mike Mizanin and Michael Cole introduce us to WWE Main Event from Philadelphia, where they remind everyone of Cody’s shoulder injury, showing footage of Cody taking that back body drop on his shoulder. We are then privvied to a package highlighting the hottest tag team rivalry in WWE, Team Hell No v. Team Rhodes Scholars.

Main Event: WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Team Rhodes Scholars (Rhodes/Sandow) w/Cody’s Mustache vs. Team Hell No (Kane/Bryan)

*TOUTs from the Troops*

The match begins with Cody’s Mustache requesting that Kane gets tagged in. Daniel Bryan tags in Kane, prompting Cody to immediately go after Kane, laying into him with some strikes. Kane eventually throws Rhodes out of the corner, but Rhodes comes back with more strikes after ducking a right hand from Kane. Kane reverses, but to no avail, as Rhodes keeps on coming. Kane finally drops Cody with a throat shot. A headbutt follows up, and Kane throws Cody to the ropes, where Cody counters with a kick and a failed Irish Whip attempt. Cody gets whipped by Kane, and tossed like a sandbag, prompting Cody to tag himself out. Sandow comes in and proceeds to attack Kane, but Kane powers him out of the way. Sandow tries to duck out, however, Kane tosses him back into the ring. Grabbing Sandow, Kane then proceeds to tag in Daniel Bryan, who goes up to the top and drops the Polish Hammer to Damien Sandow’s arm. Sandow’s locked in a Hammerlock, but pops Daniel in the face with two elbows, and proceeds to rebound off the ropes. Daniel ducks Sandow, and surprises him with the Kitchen Sink! Daniel lays into Sandow with some stiff kicks to the chest. Daniel sets up the surfboard, but opts for the Cattle Branding. Bryan tags in Kane, and sets up Sandow with a snapmare. Kane bounces off the ropes, and lands a cool dropkick to Sandow’s face. Kane shoots the half, and Sandow kicks out at two. Kane gains head control with a takedown. Sandow fights out with a couple punches, but Kane kicks him, whips him into the corner, tagging in Bryan. Bryan kicks Sandow in the calf, headbuts him, and locks him in a unique submission hold. He pins Sandow, but Sandow gets the shoulder up at 2. Daniel immediately knees Sandow in the spine several times. Daniel tags in Kane, Kane picks him up for a scoop slam, bounces off the ropes, and whiffs the elbow drop. Sandow tags in Cody, who gets his arm slammed into the mat as he gets in. Cody favors the arm, and rolls outside to get away from Kane. Mike Chioda checks on Rhodes, and Kane follows. Sandow distracts Kane for a moment, as Rhodes rams Kane into the steel steps.

*commercial break*

Sandow is in the ring as we come back to the match, ghetto stomping Kane. Mike Chioda separates Sandow from Kane, and Sandow retorts that he knows how to count. Sandow shoots the half, and Kane kicks out at 1. Sandow clubs Kane in the side of the ribs, picks him up, and tags Rhodes and his mustache. Rhodes kicks Kane in the top of the thigh, followed by a measured punch by Sandow, sending Kane into the corner. Cody then stomps a mudhole in Kane, until Chioda stops him. Sandow takes advantage of the distraction, and cheap shots Kane. Rhodes then chokes Kane with his boot, following up with a tag to Sandow. Sandow drops an axe handle to Kane’s back, then maintains head control. Kane fights out, until Sandow lays into him with 2 punches. Sandow runs the ropes, but Kane catches him with a short arm clothesline. Kane is laid out, as Sandow tags in Rhodes, who comes in with a lovely looking Euro uppercut. Rhodes and Kane tag each other with strikes. Cody rushes Kane into the corner, and tags in Sandow, who keeps Kane down in the corner. Another quick tag, and a double suplex to Kane. Cody shoots the half, and Kane kicks out at 2. Cody tags in Damien, who goes up top, but gets caught by a sharp uppercut. Kane tags in Bryan, who kicks the living hell out of Sandow. Bryan presses Triangle when his life is red, and activates his comeback moment. Daniel pins Sandow, and Sandow kicks out at 2. Daniel headbutts Sandow, and follows up with an Irish whip attempt. Sandow kicks Daniel as he comes forward, knocking Beautiful Bryan (HE MADE ME DO IT) to the ropes. Sandow charges, and gets back body dropped to the outside, possibly tweaking his knee. Daniel looks for the Suicida, fakes it, and hits the flying knee to the temple, to the crowd’s approval. Bryan sends Sandow to the ring, and as he climbs the apron, Cody tries to knock Daniel off, but gets an elbow for his troubles. Sandow takes advantage of the distraction and sends Bryan into the barricade.

*commercial break*

Cody’s mustache with the front suplex on Mr. Small Package as we comeback to WWE Main Event. Rhodes lets everyone know he’s been a tag team champion. Knee to the stomach, headbutt, tag. Sandow strikes Daniel in the corner, and Chioda reminds him of the count. Sandow says he can do as he pleases, as he has until 5. Cody twists Bryan’s head as the ref is distracted. Sandow picks up Daniel, suplexing him. Sandow with the float-over, and Daniel kicks out at 2. Cody wants the tag, but Daniel cuts him off. Daniel goes for the tag, but Sandow keeps him tied up. Cody gets tagged in, and places Bryan in a Keylock/Chinlock combo. Daniel fights out, and they trade blows, until Cody hits Bryan with the Goldust punch. Sandow is tagged in, and drops Daniel with a Russian Leg Sweep. The Elbow of Disdain follows up, Sandow shoots the half, and Kane breaks up the pin. Sandow drags Daniel over to the corner, and tags in Rhodes. Daniel gets wishboned. I feel bad for his nuts, man. Cody stomps away, and shoots the half, however, Daniel kicks out at 2. Sandow gets tagged in, and drops another axe handle into head control. Daniel fights out, until Sandow headbutts Bryan. Sandow whips Bryan into the corner and charges, but eats boot for his trouble, and gets caught with a calf kick. Both men make it to their respective corners and Kane comes out like a house of fire. Punch to Rhodes, boot to Rhodes, Irish Whip and Avalanches to Rhodes! Side slam and the nearfall! Kane punches Sandow off the apron, and tries to fly high, but Cody cuts him off. Cody tags in Sandow for the double superplex spot, but Kane shoves them off. Kane drops Cody with the clothesline! Sandow hits the Terminus, covers Kane, but Daniel saves the day. Cody catches Daniel with Cross Rhodes! Sandow tags in Rhodes, and he hits the Beautiful Disaster on Kane, but Kane gets the shoulder up at 2! Cody looks tight! He goes for the top rope moonsault, but misses as Kane rolls out of the way! Daniel tags himself in, and one Chokeslam and Flying Goat later, Team Hell No retains the Tag Team Titles!

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No
Final Move: Chokeslam/Flying Goat Combo

We look at a video package of the Miz training for and flying a F-18. Very well done. 1.1 mach is pretty damn fast, man.

Raw Rebound: Sheamus is tight, Cena’s pissed off, AJ is crazy, Dolph still isn’t World Champion, Vickie turns face, and Ryblack makes his appearance. I can only imagine that John Cena’s gonna rumble something fierce this Monday Night.

Tag Team Exhibition
Team CoBro (Zack Ryder/Santino Marella) vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’Neil)

The Prime Time Players come out to a new theme. I’m pretty hyped. It’s a hot song. MAKING MOVES!

Titus and Santino start the match. Titus over powers Santino. Titus requests Ryder, and he gets Ryder. Kick to the gut, and D-Young gets tagged in. Mr. No Days Off with head control, and Ryder whips him off, only to meet a shoulder block, and D-Young stylin on ’em like a BAHWS! Darren runs the ropes, Ryder ducks one, leapfrogs the next, and flapjacks Young. Ryder covers D-Young, and Young kicks out at 2. Ryder tags in Santino, who goes up for the Polish Hammer, but discovers that he’s afraid of heights, and hits the hammer from the bottom rope. Santino gains control on the mat. D-Young fights out, and stomps him in the gut. D-Young whips Santino into the corner, and tries to follow him, but Santino hops over, and hits the arm drag on Young, transitioning into a submission. Darren punches him in face, and tags in Titus, but Santino fights out, until Santino gets laid out by a right hand.

*commercial break*

We come back to Main Event with Santino meeting a double shoulder block. Darren covers Santino, and Santino kicks out at 2. Santino gets scoop slammed, and Darren tags in Titus, as he yells “SUPLEX ME!” Titus suplex Young on to Santino. Titus locks in an abdominal stretch. Santino fights out of it, but Titus knees him in the gut. One gutbuster and sandbag toss later, Darren Young gets tagged in, and gains head control. Santino eventually fights out and hits the Santino Stunner! Santino tags in Zack, and Darren tags in O’Neil. Zack presses Y to set up the comeback moment, and follows up with activating his signature! Titus eats the Broski Boot, but Darren Young hits Zack with a body block, and tries to set up the gutbuster. Zack gets out, and Darren meets up with the Cobra. Santino regains his bearings, but eats Titus’s boot. Zack tries to hit the Rough Ryder, but Titus presses R2 to reverse the finisher, and hits the Sky High Powerbomb for the victory!

Winners: The Prime Time Players
Final Move: Clash of The Titus

Bowman’s Bulletpoints:

– Tonight was Tag Team Exhibition Night. If you love tag team action, you will not be disappointed.

– Is it just me, or is the tag team division just flourishing? I think we’re really looking into the new 1980s with all these tag teams in the WWE. You have Team CoBro, the Usos, The Shield, The PrimeTime Players. Team Hell No, Team Rhodes Scholars, International Airstrike and Los Primos Colons.

– Big E Langston. John Cena. Let’s do this.

– AJ is still crazy.

– Cody’s Moustache is more over than he is.

– Sandow’s still the man.

*Note about Next Week: I will NOT be recapping next week’s edition of Main Event. Jason Namako will be taking over for me. I will be back on January 2nd.

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