According to a report by Dave Meltzer in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was WWE’s call to have Ric Flair get physical during his return to the company during Raw last Monday night in Philadelphia. While Vince McMahon was described as being “adamant” about not violating the storyline of Flair’s retirement back in 2008, he was initially told he would only be making an apperance on the show when he was contacted. When Flair arrived at the taping, he was ordered to undergo an EKG to make sure he would be okay to do anything physical. In what could be a hint of things to come, Flair was asked to take part in more medical testing. Flair was reportedly hidden away in a trailer so his appearance would be a surprise. As for TNA’s current lawsuit against WWE which specifically named Flair, WWE still doesn’t believe TNA has a case and nothing has come out from the TNA side in months.