I just received a response regarding James Guttman’s interview with The Boogeyman (Marty Wright).

NOTE FROM GEORGIE of wrestlingfigs.com:

I would like to put my two cents in on this one. I was helping Scott Epstein with the bookings for Boogeyman. We had a ton of bookings for him from at least 30 promoters and vendors. When Marty wasn’t responding to Scott, we called other wrestlers to try to help getting in touch with him, and I also called a few times with no reply at all. Scott had money in a special bank account to pay Marty after the bookings took place. Since none of the bookings took place the monies were returned to the promoters. All this could have been avoided with just a little better communication on the part of Marty Wright. I just don’t like things being said that aren’t true.

Georgiann Makropoulos GMakpoulos@aol.com

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