WWE Main Event Recap
January 2, 2013
Richmond, Virginia
Commentators: Michael Cole and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin
Report by: Clinton Bowman of Wrestleview.com

We meet Michael Cole and The Miz in the ring, who informs us that WWE Head Physician, Michael Sampson’s decision on CM Punk will come later on in the episode. They then hype up Cesaro v. Khali for the United States Championship.

“I take the United States Championship to another level that no other American can reach.”

We get a quick highlight package on Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro comes out quite livid about the video package that was highlighted. The Miz has had enough of Cesaro’s bashing, and tells him that he can take all his Swiss imports and shove it. Michael Cole reigns the show back in and segues into a package on The Great Khali.

“Look at the size of Khali!”

We take a look at the Great Khali, a very interesting package at that. We then go over to Matt Striker who gets interrupted by Hornswoggle and Natalya Neidhart. Nattie likens Khali to Bret Hart, then starts to stress over everything. Khali tells them that they stress too much, and proceeds to lead the crowd in a USA chant.

*commercial break*

Main Event: United States Championship Match
“The Swiss Superman” Antonio Cesaro © (@AntonioCesaro) v. “The Punjabi Playboy” Great Khali (@GreatKhaliSays)

Cesaro tries chopping down Khali, however, Khali dominates Cesaro quite easily, with chops in the corner. Khali clotheslines Cesaro out of the ring. Cesaro takes his time to enter the ring, wary of Khali as a USA chant starts. Cesaro then again goes for the leg, until Cesaro gets knocked down again. Cesaro gets clotheslined out of the ring, where Hornswoggle does the Hip-Hop Drop on Cesaro. Antonio chases Hornswoggle, only to be stopped by Natalya, who offers enough of a distraction for Khali to palm Cesaro’s skull into the ring. Another punch to the head, and Cesaro rolls out of the ring. Khali goes to chase Cesaro, however, he gets his leg hung up by Cesaro. Cesaro attacks the leg repeatedly with stomps and elbow drops. Khali gets his leg locked in to a submission hold twice, until he fights out of it. Cesaro quickly re-groups and stomps on Khali’s chest after a Kenka Kick. Cesaro goes for the cover, and Khali kicks out at 2. Cesaro twists Khali’s knee, keeping him grounded, however, Khali keeps fighting. Cesaro goes up high and lands on the knee again. Cesaro locks the knee again with Khali writhing in pain. Khali clubs Cesaro in the back of the head, causing a separation, but Khali couldn’t arise. Cesaro continues the assault, with an elbow drop into a pinfall, with Khali kicking out at 2. Cesaro tries for the leg again, but Khali pushes him away, and manages to get to his feet after a slap to the chest. Khali tries to regroup in the corner, Cesaro charges him, and gets an elbow to the face. Cesaro tries another charge, and Khali makes him eat boot.

*commercial break*

Khali is goading Cesaro up, but Cesaro gets up on the apron. Cesaro hangs up Khali as he chases him, and tries for the leg again. Khali clubs his back twice, and drops him with a headbutt. Cesaro flops in the corner, as Khali picks him up for a clothesline avalanche in the corner. Khali then takes him out with two pulling clotheslines. Khali then sets up for the brain chop, but Cesaro dodges, and hits Khali with a kick to the gut and a Euro uppercut. One corkscrew Euro uppercut later, Khali is down and Cesaro sees that it’s time to get a little neutral! He deadlifts Khali up and drops him with the Neutralizer for the pin and the win, all to Nattie and Hornswoggle’s chagrin.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro
Final Move: Neutralizer

Cesaro reminds us all that he doesn’t dislike the United States. He’s just better than everyone. He calls the US population soft and steps to the Miz, calling him a pudgy little chipmunk. Miz takes his microphone and goes back and forth with Cesaro, giving him a little schooling. The Miz ends with a variation of his catchphrase: “You’re in America…and it’s AWESOME!”

Raw Rebound #1: Kofi’s IC Championship loss to Wade Barrett.

Up Next: Kofi Kingston interview at ringside; Michael Sampson’s decision regarding CM Punk.


Raw Rebound #2: Vince McMahon announces that Punk or Heyman will fight Ryback, barring Punk’s clearance.

TOUT: Michael Sampson, WWE Physician announces that CM Punk is 100% healthy, thus CM Punk will be defending his WWE Championship against Ryback.

Kofi Kingston joins Cole and Miz for an interview. Kofi blows off Wade’s championship victory. Barrett takes exception to Kofi’s comments. Kofi assures Barrett that he will not mess up again. He says that the IC Championship means something to him and everyone in the WWE Universe. Barrett retorts that mediocrity reigns when Kofi is champion. Wade touts his upbringing, stating that he will compete in a non-title gauntlet match, so that everyone sees that the Barrett Barrage reigns supreme.

Raw Rebound #3: John Cena goes a-shootin’ on Dolph Ziggler, AJ is still crazy, Dolph is still self-absorbed and Big E Langston is still black…Ryblack that is.

*commercial break*

Undercard Match: Gauntlet Match: Wade Barrett vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Bullhammer. Pin. Leave.

Wade Barrett v. “Mr. Bed-Stuy Fly” JTG

Barrett doesn’t let JTG get in the ring as he assaults JTG. Wade strongly whips JTG into the opposite corner, following up with a ring choke. Suplex, pin, JTG kicks out at one. JTG gets locked in a rest hold. JTG tries to fight out, but Wade stops him. JTG ducks under the rebound, hitting Wade with a few dropkicks before setting up for the Mug Shot. Barrett counters. Bullhammer. Pin. Leave.

Wade Barrett v. Justin Gabriel

Wade was not happy with this. Wade tastes a few dropkicks before getting sent out to the ringside area. We come back from commercial break, with Barrett stuck in a standing arm lock. Barrett fights out, but Gabriel counters with a few strikes, before Barrett drops Gabriel to the outside. A quick point to Kofi, and Wade grabs his former stable-mate, rolling him into the ring, and attempting a pin, only to get a two count. Barrett keeps up the pressure, knocking Gabriel down with a clothesline and pinning again, and getting only a one count. Barrett keeps the pressure on, pressing his knee into Justin’s spine, but Gabriel fights out, bounces off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and meets a savate kick. Pumphandle Slam. Pin…kick out at two. Barrett chokes Gabriel out twice on the ropes, follows up with knees to the skull, and a boot to the skull, knocking Gabriel to the outside. He rolls Gabriel in the ring, and tries for a pin, but only gets two. Barrett goes high, drops the elbow, and pins again. Gabriel kicks out at two once more. Barrett goes back to the rest hold. Gabriel fights back, and they both trade strikes, until Gabriel knocks him down, hits the crossbody for the pin. Barrett kicks out at two. Gabriel with the Lionsault, and only gets two on the pin. Barrett tries the power game, Gabriel counters with the shoulder to the gut, tries to go to the air. Barrett catches him, and tries for Wasteland, but Gabriel hangs on. Wade tosses him off the shoulder, cocks the elbow….Bullhammer. Pin. Leave.

Wade Barrett v. Kofi Kingston

Arrive. Fly. Boom Drop. Trouble in Paradise. Pin. Leave.

Winner: Kofi Kingston
Final Move: Trouble in Paradise

Next Week: Sheamus v. Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E Langston. Mostly Dolph. I hope Cena interferes. Maybe the Shield. Seth Rollins getting tossed around is amazing.

No Bowman’s Bulletpoints Tonight. Saving my good material for next week when Ry-Black shows up.

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