The following was taped for this week’s 1/11 WWE Friday Night Smackdown from Miami, Florida:

– Pre-taped promo with CM Punk & Paul Heyman inside Sun Life Stadium. Punk wears Rock’s old Miami Hurricanes jersey and says the Miami Hurricanes and the WWE that Rock knew are gone and at the Royal Rumble, Punk will prove that you can never go home.

– In-ring segment with the Rock, who was mad Punk wasn’t there tonight. Rock was interrupted by Rhodes Scholars. Rhodes said they will be the next Tag Team Champions. Rock called Cody’s mustache a “Caterpillar Lip”. Sandow then gave Rock the 3 questions deal. Rock got the 1st 2 right, then asked Sandow a scientific question. When Sandow got the answer right of “Rock Bottom”, Rock gave him one. Rhodes got a Spinebuster, followed by a People’s Elbow to close the segment.

– Smackdown GM Booker T comes out and makes Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton, Sheamus vs. 3MB in a Handicap match and Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show for the World Title. Big Show then came out and complained about having to defend his title, but Booker kept the match as is. Show then went after Booker until Del Rio ran out and made the save.

– Antonio Cesaro cut a pre-taped promo proclaiming he will be in the Royal Rumble match.

1. Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro by disqualification when the Shield interfered.

– The Shield then laid out Orton with the triple powerbomb. Orton had to be helped to the back by officials.

2. Dolph Ziggler & AJ Lee w/Big E. Langston defeated The Great Khali & Natalya w/Hornswoogle when AJ pinned Natalya.

– Afterward, Ziggler & Big E. laid out Khali, then when Hornswoogle tried to come in and check on Khali & Natalya, Big E. picked up Hornswoogle and hit him with the Big Ending.

3. Sheamus defeated Three Man Band in a Handicap match.

– Pre-tape promo where the Del Rio/Show World Title match was made a Last Man Standing match.

4. Team Hell No defeated The Prime-Time Players

5. Last Man Standing for the World Heavyweight Title: Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show (c) to win the title after hitting Show with the steel steps 3 times and dumping the announce table on top of Show.

– Del Rio celebrated in the crowd to close the show.