Former developmental talent files new WWE lawsuit

Brian Jack, a former developmental talent with WWE who filed a lawsuit against the company back in December that was later dismissed, has filed another lawsuit against the company on 1/13 in Hillsborough County, Florida.

The lawsuit is against WWE, Steve Keirn, Steve Keirn Inc. (Florida Championship Wrestling) and WWE NXT. Jack alledges in the lawsuit that on 1/7/09 he was working in a wrestling ring that collapsed in a “sudden and horrible measure” while training with a rookie wrestler and six to eight other wrestlers. He claims this caused a “horrendously painful breaking” of the knee.”

He adds, “Defendants failed and refused to render any kind of meaningful aid. Defendants failed and refused to contact emergency personnel for the Plaintiff regarding his injuries. Defendant Keirn, at the time of the injury, confidentially advised the Plaintiff that unless he wanted to work as a wrestler with Defendant WWE, Plaintiff was not to call an ambulance or report the occurrence of the injury.”


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