Jeremy Samples sent this recap in.

NXT Live Event Results: Kissimmee, FL — 1/9/13

Dante Dash v. Axl Keegan
In a match, that did not go over well with the crowd or the referee, Dante Dash got the win. First time I remember hearing a referee tell superstars to finish the match. Match included the same moves over and over with each guy just trading off.

Conor O’Brian v. Scott Dawson
Conor still came out to the Ascension music, even though he now misses his tag team partner. Hope that he is not caught up in that, as he gets over very well with the crowd. His facial expressions are priceless, as well, as they correspond for each move. Conor gets the win.

Ric Flair’s daughter, Ashley, is out to announce the next match.

Erick Rowan & Luke Harper v. Mike Dalton & Jake Carter
Pretty good, basic tag match. All moves were performed well, and each superstar got over with the crowd. Erick & Luke get the win.

Kassius Ohno v. Mason Ryan
The Mason Ryan experiment is not going well. Even though dominating much offense during the match and winning it, he was not over with the crowd. Kassius clearly overshadowed him, and provided the only excitement when he got offense in. Kassius is ready to be called up, now.

Sasha Banks & Paige v. Emma & Summer Rae
For a divas tag match, it was decent. Summer has a wild presence in a match. It is somewhat distracting, when she is trying to be tagged in. Also, as they were playing the heel roles of the match, her antics were very face-ish. She does have the diva squeal down, though, with every offensive move. Another basic tag team match and finish, with Sasha & Paige getting the win.

At this time, they took an intermission. Flair’s daughter displayed some merchandise available. The intermission had the weirdest end to it, as divas including Ashley, or ring name Charlotte, came out dancing and throwing t-shirts to the crowd.

Corey Graves v. Xavier Woods
Xavier had much more of a personality when Consequences Creed with TNA. This match got very little crowd reaction. Graves gets the win.

Aiden English v. Bo Dallas
If the last match got little crowd reaction, this match received no crowd reaction. People were ready for the main event, and neither superstar performed anything to get them past that. Bo hits his finisher, and gets the win.

Briley Pierce & Trent Baretta v. Brad Maddox & Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ Lee & Big E Langston
Trent and Briley come out. Then, Brad Maddox comes out cutting a promo. He says that he is the most famous person in NXT because he is on Raw every Monday. He also says that Briley and him were tag champs solely because of him. Then, Ziggler is announced, along with AJ and Big E. They come to the ring, and face off with Briley and Trent. Once in the ring, Briley calls AJ crazy, and they go through the gimmick of AJ snapping. Match then begins, and starts off with Briley and Maddox. Crowd chants they want Ziggler, and Ziggler says he will get in the match when he wants to. After a minute, Ziggler gets tagged in, and faces off with his brother, Briley. They looked be truly enjoying having a match together. Both grapple, and when Briley wants to go again, Ziggler tags out. Match continues with partners being traded. Finally when Dolph and Trent are wrestling, AJ & Big E try to get involved, but both are banned to the back. Dolph and Briley work more together, along with Ziggler doing a cool spot of a headstand, and then coming down on Pierce. AJ and Big E then come back out at the end of the match, AJ distracts the referee while Big E hits his finisher on Trent. Dolph hits his finisher on Trent. Dolph and Brad get the win. Maddox then tries to get Ziggler to attack Briley. However, Dolph confronts Brad, and says that is his brother. The attention is then turned to Maddox who gets thrown to Big E twice in different ways from Dolph and AJ, and Big E performs his finisher and the Five-Count. The crowd wants a superkick, but Dolph says that Brad has had enough. He then asks Maddox to go to the other side of the ring and pose. When Brad turns around, he gets hit with a superkick from Dolph. Dolph, AJ, Big E, and Briley then pose to end the night.

NXT Live is an interesting event. The superstars under contract do all of the work, such as tickets, merchandise, etc. It was fun night seeing who is definitely ready for the big show, and who isn’t. Along with appearances from Dolph and AJ, well worth the money.