WWE TV stats in 2012, Foley and Miz at Comic Con events

Infographic looks at WWE television statistics in 2012

Arda Ocal of the Layfield Report (http://www.layfieldreport.com) and theScore Television Network (http://www.facebook.com/aftermathshow) has created a new Inforgraphic loaded with statistics from WWE TV in 2012. Categories include: Wins / Losses, Win percentages for Superstars, Divas and Tag Teams, Match Types, Location map of RAW/Smackdown/PPV, Ryback’s undefeated streak and lots more. It’s an interesting look at how WWE TV unfolded in 2012, very telling. Link: http://pinterest.com/pin/525162006517880444/ [Arda Ocal]

Mick Foley and The Miz to appear at upcoming Comic Con events

The Miz will be appearing at the Portland Comic Con on 2/22, while Mick Foley is scheduled to appear at the Niagara Falls Comic Con in June. [PWInsider.com]