Ryback on his goals for 2013, comparisons to Goldberg

Phoenix New Times is featuring an interview with WWE star Ryback where he talks about goals for 2013 and comparisons to Bill Goldberg.

On his goals for 2013 in WWE:
“You know, I just did my goal board for 2013 [with] 13 of my goals for this year and becoming the WWE and World Heavyweight Champion are my main goals. So no, the chase is great, but for my ultimate goal and what I want to accomplish here in the WWE, being WWE champion is something that’s going to be a big part of that. And I believe it’s going to bring me to a whole other level. Its a responsibility that I welcome with open arms.”

On comparisons to Bill Goldberg:
“I’ve explained this to people before, it’s never offended me. It’s always great to get a reaction from the people one way or another. And I’m sure there’s some fans that do it in a negative way. A lot of ’em, I feel, just do it because there are things about me that remind ’em of him [Goldberg]. But he has his loyal followers, so when somebody sees somebody that, ‘Oh, this guy kinda reminds me of him,’ their first initial response is, ‘Oh, this guy’s a rip-off,’ whether he is or he isn’t. So I understood that part of it going in that I might get some comparisons, but I knew over time that I just gotta keep being me and that people will eventually, hopefully become loyal to me and followers of Ryback. And I will set myself apart from Bill Goldberg.”

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