Edge talks about retirement and life off the road

Forbes is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland where he talks about making the transition to acting and no longer having to be on the road full-time with WWE. Copeland added, “I don’t miss that at all. That was the part of it that really became like Groundhog Day. That was the the part with injuries and things like that where you sit on a plane for too long, my body just goes, ‘No way, dude.’ Last weekend I was on the road for two days at a wrestling schedule and I was fried, just exhausted. And that truly woke me up, I couldn’t do that anymore now that I’m removed.” To view the full interview, click here.

Eve Torres says goodbye to WWE fans

Former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres has posted a video on YouTube saying goodbye to wrestling fans after she finished up with WWE this past Monday night in Houston, Texas at the Raw 20th Anniversary show.