WWE NXT Results – 1/9/13 (NXT Title match)

WWE NXT results 1/9/13

WWE NXT Results
January 9, 2013
Full Sail University
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

We start the show with a recap of last week’s main event for the NXT Championship. Before Rollins could tap, The Shield makes the save. Dusty makes today’s main event. Big E Langston vs. Seth Rollins for the NXT Title.

* Epic Rock Music *

William Regal and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson vs. Wyatt Family

After Yoshi and Percy enter, Tom informs us that the main event will be No disqualification. Bray comes out and starts to preach about unity and his family being dangerous. Bray sits in his rocking chair as Luke Harper and Eric Rowan enter the ring. Regal talks about the Wyatt family as “monsters” and not quite right as they go on the offensive. The Wyatt family for the most part controls the match. The match ends with Yoshi taking a strong clothesline for the pin.

Winners: The Wyatt Family


Commonwealth Divas Match
Paige vs. Emma

Emma,from Australia, enters the arena dancing to hiddeous house dance music. Regal has to ask what she is doing. Paige, from England, is out next with a no frills and all leather entrance. Paige is tossing Emma around from the start. Emma gets some offense as she works on Paige’s Knee. She taunts Paige with her weird dance. The crowd responds with “You can’t Dance”. Paige turns things around for a bit before Emma works the leg and gets a hold. Paige breaks the lock and then gets a kick with her injured leg. It sets her finisher for the pinfall.

Winner: Paige


Bo Dallas and Michael McGillicutty vs. Epico and Primo

Epico and Primo are out for the second week in a row without Rosa. The crowd chants for Rosa. Bo and Mike come out to Mike’s music. Bo gets a big chant from the crowd. It takes a bit for the match to get going. After the first exchange of moves, the crowd is much louder with a “We Want Rosa” chant. Mike is clearly in control of Epico and Primo with power moves and holds through the first part of the match. Mike finally loses control after geting caught in heel’s corner. It doesn’t last long as Mike gets a big drop kick and a hold going into a commerical break.


After returning from the break, Bo Dallas has entered the match. He gets caught in a double team with the ref turned to Mike. Primo and Epico go on an offensive goading on the crowd gets snarky with a chant for “Carlito”. Regal talks how Bo’s Dad said he was always in trouble and fighting as Bo continues to play face in peril. Bo manages to turn a drop kick for him and make a pin to Mike. He comes in hot and the crowd with him. It leads to a smoz with all four in the ring that leads to Epico getting a backstabber on Mike and the pin for the win.

Winners: Epico and Primo


NXT Championship Match
No Disqualifications
Seth Rollins vs. Big E Langston

JR has joined Regal on commentary.

Seth Rollins again comes out to the ring under The Shield banner with no music. Big E is out next with his “I’m a soldier music”. He tosses some chauk around as he heads to the ring. The crowd is chanting “Five” as Seth looks on as Big E enters the ring. When the match starts, Rollins takes the early beating, but is able to out manuever Big E. Big E recovers when he does and continues the offensive on Rollins including tossing him out of the ring. When Big E goes for him, the Shield comes out and tosses him through the ring steps just before going to commerical.


When we return from ads, Rollins and Big E are in the ring. Rollins is in control of the match as the other Shield members are waiting from the outside of the ring. Rollins put Big E into a submission hold, but Big E is able to turn it around, stand up, and put Rollins into an electric chair to break the hold. Big E is the first to his feet as the croud cheers for him. Big E goes to work on Rollins. He knocks down Rollins and then double clotheslines the shield. The Shield responds by jumping in the ring and beating on Big E. The NXT Locker room empties out but the Shield is in control. A second wave has to come out form the locker room to remove Ambrose and Reigns from the ring side. Rollins and Big E are left alone. Rollins tries for a brain buster, but gets a near fall. The crowd is chanting Five before Big E slams Rollins and pins.


After the match, the NXT Locker room empties out again to congraduates Big E for taking the Title from Rollins. Both Regal and JR close out the show talking about how this is an amazing moment for Big E. As Big E gets to the back of the stage he gets the NXT Pryos of compressed air firing off in the form of an X.



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