Royal Rumble PPV this Sunday is sold out

WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV this Sunday (January 27) in Phoenix, Arizona is now officially sold out. Talent at RAW last night were told to not ask for comp tickets as none are available.

Antonio Cesaro on independent wrestlers making it in WWE

The Phoenix New Times is featuring an interview with WWE star and current United States Champion Antonio Cesaro who talks about working the independent scene with Daniel Bryan and how indy talent are now getting a shot in WWE.  Cesaro added, “I think it’s great and it just proves that if you work hard and if you get better and better and get the best at your craft as you can be [then] you will have success. You know, all those guys — Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, myself, and many others — have put a lot of hard work into what they do and made a lot of sacrifices. [They] still do. It does not come overnight.”  To view the full article, click here.