The following was taped on Tuesday in Sacramento, California.

WWE Smackdown for January 25, 2013:

* WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No kicked off the show.  Kane said despite what went down on RAW, he wants to prove that Team Hell No hasn’t gone soft  and will do so at the Royal Rumble.  Big Show comes out, complains how he has been treated by Alberto Del Rio and tells both Kane and Daniel Bryan to leave.  Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes come out to remind Kane and Bryan about the tag title match before the Rumble.  Alberto Del Rio comes out next and Booker T announces a six man tag team match for later tonight.

* Sheamus def. WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett in a non-title match.

* Natalya def. Rosa Mendes.

* WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman were out next.  Punk talked about his reign as champion.  Heyman reads the executive order from WWE stating that if The Shield interferes this Sunday at the Royal Rumble then Punk will be stripped of the title.  Punk then calls out The Shield.  They come out and circle the ring.  Punk tells them all to stay out of his way.  The Rock comes out and exchanges words with Punk on the mic.  When Rock leaves, Punk picks up the mic and starts trashing Sacramento.  Rock returns to the ring and gives Punk a Rock Bottom.

* Randy Orton def. Drew McIntyre via DQ.  Orton givesn an RKO to all members of 3MB.

* The Miz def. Darren Young.

* WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) def. Big Show, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes.

* Post-taping bonus match: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show in a No DQ match.