More details revealed about TNA’s lawsuit against WWE

In regards to the TNA lawsuit with WWE officially settling last week, it still isn’t known if WWE paid a settlement or if TNA agreed to drop the case. WWE refused to comment publicly about the settlement. According to Dave Meltzer, WWE had “strict orders” from top officials to not have any contact – even social – with anyone under contract with TNA including Ric Flair. Flair’s non-compete with TNA officially ended in September. The order was so strict that WWE official Gerald Brisco was told to not have any contact with his son Wes Brisco who is under contract with TNA Impact Wrestling.

At one point TNA tried to get an injunction that would ban WWE from hiring any former TNA talents no longer under contract. A judge ruled against it when WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt said WWE had no interest in hiring Ric Flair or anyone else either with or formerly with TNA. By the time WWE started talking to Flair again TNA wasn’t doing anything with the case and they moved on. The belief is that Flair may have agreed to a nightly appearance deal with WWE so it wouldn’t prevent him from taking part in outside projects like his recent one with All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter