Dolph Ziggler on the travel as a WWE star

Australia based is featuring an interview with WWE star Dolph Ziggler where he talks about life on the road as a WWE star including trips overseas. Ziggler talks at length about what he carries at all times adding, “I keep the mandatory stuff with me by carrying it with me. I’ve got my boots, my trunks, and that Money In The Bank contract no matter what. But everything else is in my luggage — anything you can think of. Extra underwear, extra socks, clothes, tanner, toothpaste, I’ve had it lost before overseas. It’s a real bummer.”

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WWE drops planned Intercontinental Cup tournament

The originally announced Intercontinental Cup set to start taking place this week on WWE Main Event is no longer happening. Nothing was taped or mentioned regarding the tournament on Tuesday in San Diego. Current WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett also sent out a tweet confirming it is no longer happening.