Report: DirecTV issues survey regarding WWE Network

DirecTV recently issued a survey to subscribers inquiring about the proposed WWE Network according to a report by Jason Powell. The survery asks, “DirecTV is considering offering its customers a new premium TV network and would like your input.” It’s noted that the WWE Network would be provided as a separate monthly fee and that 11 of the 12 current Pay Per View events would be shown on the network.

This seems to suggest that Wrestlemania would be the only event not offered as part of the WWE Network package. Pay Per View events would still be made available regardless of a subscription purchase. Other programming mentioned included the Monday Night War, new and classic programming and repeats of Raw and Smackdown. WWE is scheduled to hold a conference call on 2/28 to report the company’s fourth quarter earnings and Vince McMahon had promised more details on the WWE Network then.


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