WWE NXT Results – 2/6/13 (Tag Title Tournament Semi-Finals)

WWE NXT results 2/6/13 

WWE NXT Results
February 6, 2013
Full Sail University
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then Tony Dawson welcomes us to the show before we go right to the opening match.

NXT Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Finals: “The Walking Disaster Piece” Kassius Ohno & “The Big-Game Hunter” Leo Kruger vs. Oliver Grey & “The Man Who Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville

Ohno & Grey will start things off. Ohno with a side headlock, but Grey counters with an amateur takedown. Ohno tries to slip out, but Grey rides along until Ohno gets to the ropes to force a break. Tag to Kruger as he & Grey jockey for position in a lock-up until Kruger backs Grey into the corner. Kruger goes for a right hand off the clean break, but Grey avoids it. Kruger with a side headlock, but Grey uses his foot to take Kruger down to a knee, then locks in a side headlock of his own. Grey with a side headlock takedown, but Kruger counters with a head scissors. Grey kips up to get free, then takes Kruger back down with another side headlock takeover. Kruger with a whip to get free, but misses a clothesline. Grey tries for an O’Connor Roll, but Kruger holds onto the ropes. Kruger is pleased with himself, but Grey kips up and yet again takes Kruger down with another side headlock takeover. Tag to Neville, who hits a gut punch. Neville & Grey then with a double whip, followed by a double back elbow for a 1 count. Neville with a head and arm lock, but Kruger gets free with a jawbreaker. Tag to Ohno, who goes for a single leg, but Neville gets free and kicks Ohno in the leg. Neville with another kick, then wrenches the arm before tagging in Grey, who hits a double sledge to the arm of Ohno. Grey drives Ohno’s arm against his own shoulder multiple times, then tags in Neville, who hits an elbow to the arm. Neville wrenches the arm once again, then tags back in Grey, who heads up to the middle rope and connects with another double sledge to the arm. Grey with an elbow to the back of Ohno’s head, then takes him down by wrenching the arm once more. Grey with an armbar, then tags in Neville, who heads up top and hits a double stomp to the arm of Ohno. Neville with another arm wrench and again tags in Grey, who hits a club to the arm of Ohno. Grey goes back to the armbar, but Ohno gets free with a gut punch. Ohno with a whip, but Grey holds onto the ropes to put on the breakes. Ohno charges, but Grey nails him with a shot. Ohno again with a whip, but Grey counters a backdrop by attempting a Sunset flip, however Ohno is able to reach over and tag Kruger. Grey takes Ohno over in the Sunset flip, but Kruger nails Grey from behind to break it up. Kruger unloads with double sledges to the back of Grey as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Ohno has Grey in a chinlock. The crowd & Neville will on Grey, then Ohno switches to a front chancery before tagging in Kruger, who hits another double sledge to the back of Grey. Kruger with a backbreaker for a nearfall. Kruger with an abdominal stretch along with a facelock right in front of Ohno in their side of the ring. Tag to Ohno, who picks up where Kruger left off, locking Grey in the same abdominal stretch while using his elbow to rub against the ribs of Grey. Tag to Kruger, who continues this onslaught by locking Grey yet again in the abdominal stretch along with the facelock. Ohno is yelling on the apron “We’re already the tag team champions” as now its Kruger who uses his elbow to rub against the ribs of Grey. Tag to Ohno, who again goes for the abdominal stretch, but Grey is finally to counter out, hitting Ohno with a hip-toss and both men are down. Grey tries to make the tag, but Ohno pulls him back to his side of the ring, hitting a double sledge to the ribs, followed by a back senton splash for a nearfall. Ohno goes back to the chinlock as the crowd & Neville will on Grey back into the match. Grey gets to his feet, but Ohno shoves him back to his corner. Grey then begins to fight his way out of the corner, with boots to Ohno and elbows to Kruger. Grey with another Sunset flip, but Ohno rolls through it. Grey tries to crawl underneath Ohno’s legs to make the tag, but Ohno grabs his leg and pulls him right back to his corner before tagging in Kruger. Kruger stomps away at Grey, followed by a back suplex for another nearfall. Kruger with a chinlock with his knee driven into the back of Grey as the crowd tries to will Grey on. Grey gets to his feet, but Kruger knocks him back down with a back club. Kruger goes for a suplex, but Grey counters with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Kruger then misses a clothesline and Grey with a backslide for another nearfall. However, Kruger comes right back, this time hitting the clothesline. Kruger with a corner charge, but Grey moves out of the way and Kruger goes head-first into the top turnbuckle with both men down.

Ohno, followed by Neville, get the tags in as Neville with a back elbow to Ohno, followed by a shot to Kruger on the apron. Neville with another forearm, then Ohno misses a boot and Neville goes off the ropes, connecting with a flying forearm. Neville with a corner charge, connecting with a European uppercut. Ohno reverses a corner whip, but Neville goes up & over, followed by a front kip-up and then Neville with a front dropkick to Kruger, knocking him off the apron. Ohno goes for a rolling elbow, but Neville nails him with a savate kick to the ribs. Neville goes off the ropes, but Ohno nails him with a boot to the face, sending Neville through the ropes and to the outside. Ohno goes after Neville on the outside and throws him back to the ring, then yells at William Regal at the commentary table, “Regal!” “Do you see this?” “This is your fault!” However, Ohno did not pay attention to Neville as when Ohno turns around, Neville soars and scores with a Foxbury Flop on Ohno. Neville gets Ohno back in the ring, then when Ohno tries to go after him on the apron, Neville drills him with a roundhouse kick to the head. Kruger tries to prevent Neville from heading up top, but Grey grabs his foot and takes himself and Kruger down to the outside.

Neville then heads up top and connects with the British Airways (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press) on Ohno for the victory.

Winners and advancing to the finals of the NXT Tag Team Title Tournament: Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey by pinfall (British Airways)

Neville & Grey celebrate their win while Regal says on commentary that the only person to blame for Kruger & Ohno losing is Ohno, for taking his mind off Neville.

We go to video of what happened last week when after Paige defeated Aksana, she accidentally bumped into ring announcer Summer Rae. Paige had apologized, but then Summer nailed her from behind before leaving in disgust.

Backstage interviewer Renee Young interviews Summer Rae and asks her why did she attack Paige?

Summer Rae: “Why did I attack Paige?” “Week after week, I stand in that arena and say, the following contest is scheduled for one fall.” “The cheerful, happy Diva when clearly, I’m the prettiest Diva at NXT.” “And then there’s Paige, week after week, hearing the cheers.” “I love Paige, Paige this, Paige that, Paige.” “Have you seen her?” “She ghastly to look at, I’m the hottest thing in the WWE.” “So its clear, I took it into my own hands and it felt amazing.” “NXT is about to find out what Paige just found out, that summer schools are always in session.”


Back from commercial, our next match is about to take place as the entrances have already happened.

“The Ascension” Conor O’Brian vs. “The Blond Stallion” Mike Dalton

O’Brian with a kick to the gut, then yells at Dalton, “You ain’t nothing.” O’Brian with a whip, but Dalton slides underneath the legs and hits a forearm, followed by a kick to the leg and finally a spinning kick to the face, but O’Brian does not go down. Dalton goes off the ropes, but O’Brian catches him coming in with a big right hand. O’Brian with a corner charge, connecting with a left arm lariat. O’Brian then biels Dalton halfway across the ring, while letting out a primal scream. O’Brian charges and mows down Dalton with a big shoulder tackle. O’Brian with a whip and catches Dalton with a one man flapjack.

O’Brian then with a leg drop to the back of Dalton’s head, which Regal says he calls the Fall of Man, for the victory.

Winner: Conor O’Brian by pinfall (The Fall of Man)

After the match, O’Brian yells at the referee to give him a 5 count, much like the NXT Champion Big E. Langston. O’Brian mocks Langston’s self 5 count and yelling of 5, followed by mocking Langston’s chest pounding and one arm pose. All of a sudden, the music of the NXT Champion hits and Big E. makes his way to the ring as the crowd loudly chants “Five.” Langston stares down O’Brian, then lifts up Dalton and drills him with the Big Ending. Langston leaves and makes his way up the ramp, all the while staring at O’Brian and yelling “Five.” as we go backstage.

Backstage, NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes is with Paige, telling her to calm down.

Paige: “I will not calm down!” “Did you see what she did to me?” “Do you not see it?” “Are you not do anything about it?” “Then, I will find her myself, I will find her.”

Dusty tells Paige to get back here.

“You listen to me, Dusty, you listen to me.” “You heard what Summer Rae said earlier about attacking me last week.” “And I will pay her back the best way I know how and that’s by ripping her little lips straight off her face and if you don’t give me that match next week, they’ll be no NXT next week, I’ll promise you that.”

Sasha Banks comes in and Paige bumps into her. Sasha says she’s sorry, but Paige yells at her to get out of her way before storming off. Sasha asks Dusty if everything is OK and Dusty says he has a lot of drama going on here. Dusty congratulates Sasha on her 1st win and with that win, she has her 1st secret admirer, giving Sasha a card, much like last week. Dusty wants to hear the note as Sasha reads, “Next week is Valentine’s Day and I can’t think of a better way to show my affection then with PDA, your secret admirer.” Sasha leaves in excitement as Dusty calls for his assistant Rob to find Paige.


Back from commercial, we go to video of the Royal Rumble fan-fest where there was a 8 man tournament between NXT stars to see who would earn a spot in the Royal Rumble. We see highlights of the tournament that saw Bo Dallas win the tournament.

Backstage, we see Bo Dallas getting ready for his match, when in walks in Bray Wyatt, who is clapping for Bo.

Wyatt: “Bo, I wanted to congratulate you on winning the NXT tournament and being in your 1st Royal Rumble match.” ‘That must have been very exciting for you.” “And I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes, cuz time’s up.”

Dallas says thanks and it was cool to beat Wyatt’s boy, Luke Harper and its even cooler that he gets to do it again, tonight. Dallas says to Wyatt time might be up, but not for himself, but for the Wyatt Family. Dallas leaves as Wyatt laughs maniacally as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, its time for our main event.

Main Event in the Semi-Finals of the NXT Tag Team Title Tournament: Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) w/Bray Wyatt

Harper & Dallas will start things off. They lock up and break multiple times before going nose-to-nose. Harper with a pie-face, followed by a kick to the gut. Harper tries to send Dallas into the corner, but Dallas blocks it with his boot and hits a gut punch. Dallas with a right hand, then drives Harper into his corner before tagging in McGillicutty. McGillicutty with a gut punch, followed by a right hand. Harper comes back with a headbutt to the ribs, followed by a whip. McGillicutty slides under Harper’s legs and hits a dropkick, but Harper does not go down. McGillicutty with a pair of chops, but Harper grabs the nose. McGillicutty with another chop, followed by a series of right hands and stomps in the corner. Tag to Dallas, who hits a clothesline in the corner. Dallas with a right hand, then goes for a monkey flip, but Harper shoves him off. Dallas with a side headlock, then runs up the ropes, looking for a bulldog, but Harper breaks free and sends Dallas crashing into the mat. Tag to Rowan, who stomps away on Dallas. Rowan stands on Dallas’s back, then drives him into his corner before tagging in Harper, who hits a gut punch as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as we see Wyatt looking on from the rampway in his rocking chair as Dallas tried to make a tag, but Harper whips Dallas back-first into his own corner, with Dallas bouncing off the turnbuckles. Tag to Rowan as Harper sends Dallas into Rowan, who hits a slam. Rowan with an elbow drop, then goes for another slam, but Dallas slips out and backs himself into tagging McGillicutty.

Rowan misses a boot and McGillicutty with a series of forearms and right hands. Rowan reverses a corner whip, but McGillicutty with a baseball slide to put on the brakes. McGillicutty with a pair of clotheslines to knock the big man Rowan down, followed by a shot to Harper, knocking him off the apron. Rowan misses a clothesline and McGillicutty hits the snap Saito suplex. McGillicutty is all fired up, but all of a sudden, Bray Wyatt leaves his rocking chair and grabs onto McGillicutty’s foot to distract him. The ref goes to the outside and ejects Wyatt from ringside. While that is going on, Rowan misses another clothesline and McGillicutty with an O’Connor Roll, but there is no referee. Harper comes in and proceeds to clean McGillicutty’s clock with a discus clothesline while the ref is distracted with Wyatt.

Rowan crawls over to McGillicuttty and covers him to steal the victory.

Winners and advancing to the finals of the NXT Tag Team Title Tournament: The Wyatt Family by pinfall

After the match, Wyatt goes into the ring as Dallas is tending to McGillicutty. Wyatt extends his hand and yells at Dallas, “Come with me.” Dallas slaps his hand away and Wyatt leaves, but tells Harper & Rowan to go after him. They surround the ring, but while Dallas is distracted, Wyatt comes in, charges and drills Dallas with an avlanche to the back. Wyatt, with a psychotic look on his face, does his ballet dance routine with Dallas, kisses him on the forehead, then drills him with the Rapture (Swinging Reverse STO). Wyatt yells “This is only the beginning”, then shakes the hand of an unconscious Dallas. Wyatt leaves with his family as we go to credits.