WWE NXT Results – 2/14/13 (Tag Title Tournament Finals)

WWE NXT results 2/14/13 

WWE NXT Results
February 14, 2013
Full Sail University
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see highlights of the tournament to crown the 1st ever NXT Tag Team Champions leading to tonight’s show, where the finals will take place.

Tony Dawson welcomes us to the show, then we are scheduled to go to the opening match between Axl Keegan & Mike Dalton, but Paige runs out and chases Summer Rae to the back. Paige gets back into the ring and grabs the microphone.

Paige: “You can run all you like, Summer Rae, but this show is not gonna go forward until you come back in the ring with me!” “So, I am gonna stand right here until she steps back in.”

Keegan tries to reason with Paige to leave, but she ups and slaps the taste outta Keegan’s mouth.

“Get out of my ring!”

The music of NXT commissioner Dusty Rhodes hits and Dusty makes his way out to the entrance ramp. Dusty says that this show does not involve around what Paige wants done and she is not gonna hold NXT hostage. Dusty tells Paige to leave, but Paige says she is not going anywhere. Dusty again says she needs to leave and tells the ref to get her to leave, but Paige will have none of it. Summer Rae comes back out and says that Paige wants to interrupt her, but this is not her show, I’m the 1st Lady of NXT!

Paige then leaves the ring and goes after Summer on the rampway. Dusty is caught in the middle of the fracas as both women wanna tear each other apart. Referees come out to separate the two as it appears that during the fracas, Paige seemed to hurt her shoulder. The refs take Summer to the back as Paige is favoring her shoulder. The crowd is chanting “Let them fight” as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see the NXT doctor tending to Paige’s shoulder in the trainer’s room before we go to the next match.

Alex Riley vs. Corey Graves

Before the match, we see highlights from 2 weeks ago when Kassius Ohno submitted Riley in a cravate, followed by Graves attacking Riley afterwards and locking him in the 12th Step.

Crowd chants for Riley as the bell sounds. Riley unloads with a series of right hands, backing Graves into the corner. Head-first goes Graves off the top turnbuckle, followed by the same thing in another corner of the ring. Graves reverses a corner whip, but Riley moves out of the way on a charge, goes off the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Riley with a slam and Graves rolls out onto the apron. Riley hiptosses him back in, then Graves begins to beg off. Riley will have none of it as when Graves tries to kick Riley, Riley catches his foot, spins Graves around and hits an atomic drop. Riley shoves Graves off the ropes, then catches him coming in with a dropkick for a nearfall. Riley with a whip, but Graves sidesteps a back drop attempt with a front kick, followed by a kick to the leg, knocking Riley down.

Riley clutches his leg as Graves rains in fist drops to the head. Graves grinds his wrist bone into Riley’s face, then proceeds to fish hook him. Graves switches to a chinlock as the crowd wills on Riley. Dawson mentions on commentary that after this match, Paige will take on Summer Rae. Riley gets free by raking the eyes, but Graves reverses a whip and nails Riley with a back elbow for a nearfall. Graves goes to a head and arm lock as the crowd again wills on Riley. Riley gets free with gut punches, but Graves comes back with a right hand. Graves with a series of back club and yells at Riley to “Stay Down”. However, Riley blocks a suplex and then hits one of his own. Riley charges, but runs into a back elbow by Graves. Graves charges, but Riley catches him with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Riley fires up, charges and connects with a running back elbow in the corner. Riley goes up the middle rope and goes for a DDT out of the corner, but Graves counters and sends Riley crashing to the mat. Graves charges and connects with a running front chop block to the leg.

Graves then locks in the 12th Step and Riley has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Corey Graves by submission (The 12th Step)

We go back to the trainer’s room where the NXT doctor is taping up Paige’s injured shoulder because her match with Summer Rae is……..NEXT!


Back from commercial, we see what happened earlier with Paige & Summer Rae before our next match.

Grudge Match: Summer Rae vs. “The Anti-Diva” Paige

Paige charges right as the bell sounds and takes down Summer with a Thesz Press. Paige bashes Summer’s head multiple times into the mat before Summer kicks her off. Summer then goes right to the injured arm and hits Paige with a Divorce Court (Jumping Armbar Takedown) for a nearfall. Summer pulls at Paige’s hair, then talks trash. Summer stands on Paige’s injured arm, then splashes on it for another nearfall. Summer with a spinning leg drop to the injured arm, then locks in a Short Arm Scissors. Summer turns to put more torque on the injured arm, but Paige rolls through and gains a nearfall. Paige with a savate kick to the ribs, then does her infamous scream before she biels Summer across the ring with her one good arm. Paige stomps away at Summer in the corner, then tries to go after her when Summer rolls out to the outside, but Summer grabs the injured arm and pulls it across the middle rope.

Back in the ring, Summer drills Paige with a spinning roundhouse kick to the head for the upset victory.

Winner: Summer Rae by pinfall (Spinning Roundhouse Kick)

Summer celebrates her victory while the ref checks on the obviously injured Paige.

Backstage, we see Dani (making her NXT debut) walk up to Sasha Banks, saying there is another letter from Sasha’s secret admirer. Sasha opens the note, which says in layman’s terms that Sasha has to wait one more week to see who her secret admirer is.


Back from commercial, its time for our main event. But next week in the main event, it will be NXT Champion Big E. Langston vs. Conor O’Brian and an interview with the injured Tyson Kidd.

Main Event in the finals of the tournament to crown the 1st NXT Tag Team Champions: British Ambition (“The Man Who Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey) vs. The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan & Luke Harper) w/Bray Wyatt

Before the match, Wyatt has a mic and says that already in the ring is the ultimate underdogs and they have the unfortunate task of facing the Wyatt Family. We are bigger than you, we are stronger than you, we are dangerous, we are monsters, we are undefeatable. The world wants to see you broken and tonight, the world gets what the world wants.

Grey & Harper will start things off. Harper backs Grey into the corner and goes for a right hand, but Grey avoids it. Grey with right hands and gut punches, but Harper shoves him away. Grey charges, but Harper gets his knee up. Harper sends Grey off the ropes, but Grey puts on the brakes. Harper charges, but Grey pulls down the top rope and Harper goes sailing out to the outside. Grey then with a head of steam and he takes out Harper with a tope dive on the rampway. Grey sends Harper into the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Grey is now in there with Rowan, nailing him with right hands. Grey with a wristlock and goes shoulder to shoulder multiple times with Rowan. Tag to Neville, who locks in his own wristlock as we see Wyatt at ringside, away from his usual seated place at his rocking chair. Neville with a club to the arm of Rowan, but Rowan comes back with a headbutt. Rowan with a whip and goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam, but Neville slips out. Neville goes back to the wristlock and the clubs to the arm before tagging in Grey. Grey with an elbow to the arm, but Rowan knocks him down. Grey comes back with the wristlock and elbows to the arm before tagging in Neville. Neville heads up top while Grey wrenches Rowan’s arm and Neville with a double stomp to the arm of Rowan. Neville continues the blows to the arm of Rowan before tagging back in Grey as British Ambition are making quick, frequent tags. Rowan comes back with a knee to the gut, followed by a headbutt.

Grey is sent head-first into the Wyatt Family’s corner as Harper is tagged in. Rowan holds Grey in full nelson position while Harper nails him with a gut punch. Harper with a chop to knock down Grey. Harper with a corner charge, but runs into a back elbow by Grey. Grey with right hands, then goes to a side headlock. Tag to Neville, who hits an elbow to the back. Neville with a series of kicks to the chest, but Harper backs him into the corner. Harper with a corner whip, but Neville springs up to the top and does a backflip over the charging Harper. Neville with a dropkick, then tags in Grey. Grey with gut punches, followed by a European Uppercut. Harper then comes back with a big right hand, sending Grey reeling. Grey is sent again into the Wyatt Family corner before Rowan is tagged in. Rowan with a kick to the back, followed by a forearm. Rowan with a whip, then catches Grey in mid-air as Grey was trying for a crossbody. Grey is able to get free and go back to the arm of Rowan with an armbar. Rowan comes back with a big right hand to break free, but Neville gets the tag in. Neville with kicks to the leg, then jumps on top of Rowan to lock in a sleeper hold. Rowan drives Neville back-first to the corner, but Grey tags in and nails Rowan with gut punches. Grey with an elbow to the back of the head, but Rowan comes back with a knee to the gut, followed by a back club. Tag to Harper, but he is met with a dropkick. Grey charges and lands on the apron when Harper tries to back drop him over the ropes. They exchange right hands, but then when the ref pulls back Harper, Wyatt comes in and pulls Grey off the apron, sending him crashing down to the outside. However, Dusty Rhodes, who is out here for this match, saw it and he goes and ejects Wyatt from ringside. Wyatt goes to the back as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Harper has Grey in a chinlock. Harper pulls at the face of Grey, then tags in Rowan. Harper sends Grey into Rowan, who hits him with a big slam for a nearfall. Rowan locks Grey in a neck vise as the commentators mention that winning a title on NXT means you are next in line to be called up to either RAW or Smackdown. Neville wills the crowd behind his partner as Grey tries to break free, but Rowan with a knee to the gut. Rowan then hits a pumphandle slam into a backbreaker for another nearfall. Rowan goes back to the neck vise as Neville is willing his partner on from the apron. Rowan pulls at Grey’s face, then tags in Harper. Harper with a pair of elbow drops for a nearfall. Harper goes to a front chancery as the crowd chants “Let’s go Oliver”. Grey tries to fight back, but Harper nails him with a European Uppercut. Tag to Rowan, who nails Grey with a kick to the gut, followed by a back club. Rowan locks Grey in a bearhug, swinging him around while doing so. Grey tries to break free, but Rowan drives him back to his corner. However, Grey begins to fight his way out of the Wyatt Family corner, with shots to both Harper & Rowan. Grey goes to his corner, but Rowan grabs his arm and whips him hard back to the Wyatt Family corner. Tag to Harper, who goes for another elbow drop, but Grey moves. Harper tries again and again Grey moves. Grey then crawls under Harper’s legs and finally makes the tag to Neville.

Neville with a pair of flying forearms to Harper, followed by a dropkick. Neville charges and knocks Rowan off the apron, then puts his boots up when Harper tries a corner charge. Neville then hits a tilt-a-whirl into a DDT for a nearfall. Neville charges, then lands on the apron when Harper tries to back drop him over the ropes. Harper goes after Neville, but Neville drills him with a roundhouse kick to the head. Neville with a springboard, but Harper drills him in mid-air with a boot to the face. Harper goes for a cover, but Grey breaks it up. Rowan comes in and sends Grey over the ropes and to the outside. Rowan sends Grey off the apron as Harper goes for a back suplex in the ring, but Neville lands on his feet and again goes and knocks Rowan off the apron. However, Harper charges in and nails Neville with an avalanche. Harper goes for his discus clothesline, but Neville ducks and Harper nails his own partner with it, knocking him yet again off the apron. Neville then nails Harper with an enziguri.

Neville heads up top and hits Harper with the British Airways for the victory and the titles.

Winners and the 1st NXT Tag Team Champions: British Ambition by pinfall (British Airways)

Regal on commentary says he has never been more proud to be British as British Ambition embrace and celebrate with the titles. Dusty Rhodes comes in and congratulates them on the win. Tony Dawson comes in and asks them about the win. Grey says to Neville, “Hey Adrian, we did it!” They embrace again as Grey thanks the fans while Neville says we’ve done the unbelievable and we are the 1st NXT Tag Team Champions!

The celebration continues with British Ambition as we go to credits.

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