French film featuring WWE stars, note on new Diva Search

New French film featuring variety of WWE stars

A new film French film called “Les Reines du Ring” (Queen of the Ring) features a variety of WWE stars and was filmed during WWE’s recent tour of France. The film, which uses WWE as a backdrop, is currently screening at European festivals and is scheduled to be released in June. The film is about a woman who was in prison, was unable to have a relationship with her son and wants to get into WWE because her son is a huge fan. CM Punk, The Miz and Eve Torres (now a former WWE star) are all listed as part of the cast on IMDB.
[The Wrestling Observer Newsletter,]

WWE holds another Diva Search in Los Angeles

According to a report by Dave Meltzer, WWE was scheduled to hold a new Diva Search in Los Angeles this past week. This was not a public search like prior events in the past. WWE was interested in candidates from modeling agencies with an athletic background.
[The Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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