John Cena in “Men’s Fitness”, Vintage Collection for 3/15

WWE star John Cena is currently on the cover of the latest edition of “Men’s Fitness.” Cena is on the cover to promote Wrestlemania 29 on 4/7 at Metlife Stadium.
[The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online]

WWE Vintage Collection recap for 3/15/13

Devin Cutting passed this along.

WWE Vintage Collection on 3/15/2013 featured these matches & segments:

* The Brisco Brothers’ WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Video

* The Brisco Brothers vs. Rene Goulet & Steve Lombardi (WWF Event – 10/14/1984 – East Rutherford, NJ)

* Tito Santana vs. Boris Zhukov (WWF Event – 10/28/1989 – New York, NY)

* Mr. Perfect vs. Brutus Beefcake (WWF Prime Time Wrestling – 2/13/1989)

* Bruno Sammartino’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Video

* Bruno Sammartino vs. Randy Savage (WWF Event – 2/7/1987 – Boston, MA)

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