Wrestlemania 29 FAQ guide, Kofi Kingston on going heel rumors

WWE provides FAQ and guide for Wrestlemania 29

WWE.com has posted a guide and FAQ for those set to take part in the big Wrestlemania 29 weekend in New York and New Jersey in two weeks. The area features information on Axxess, the Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania 29, Madison Square Garden, the Izod Center, Metlife Stadium and more.

To view the section, click here.

Kofi Kingston on first signing with WWE, heel rumors online

Brian Socia passed this along.

Check out the interview at this link: http://bit.ly/YEGfRr

WWE’s Kofi Kingston (@TruKofi) sat down to speak with Brian Soscia (@THEBrianSoscia). Kofi is very open and honest about everything. Soscia finds out about Kofi’s fandom growing up and what type of gimmick that he envisioned for himself. They also talk about why Kofi decided to take the step that most fans don’t; getting involved in the wrestling business. From there Soscia has Kingston take the viewers through what happened on the day he got the call about his WWE contract. They then speak about Kofi’s feelings on Money in the Bank and his nerves going into the match when he competes in it. This leads Soscia to ask about Kingston’s move set and his inspiration is for it. PLUS find out why Hornswoggle is important to Kofi’s career, where the S.O.S. came from, also what it stands for. As an added bonus for all of you video game fans, Soscia tests Kofi on his old school video game knowledge. All of this plus much more in this exclusive interview w/ Kofi Kingston!

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