Big Show talks tonight’s RAW, Wrestlemania, playing basketball

Chuck Carroll passed this along.

Thought I’d pass along an interview Big Show did with the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, DC this morning. He’s a funny guy and even funnier about not getting in trouble with the company. He isn’t allowed to Choke Slam or even put his hands around anyone’s neck anymore. So, that kind of killed a bit that JP, one of the Junkies, wanted to do. Obviously, he will not be going on that ride anytime soon. They talked about a lot more including Big Show’s time as a college basketball player, WrestleMania and tonight’s RAW. The best part of the interview came when the group talked about Linda McMahon’s recent appearance on their TV show ‘Table Manners.’

The full interview is available online:

Ryback on upcoming Wrestlemania 29 match with Mark Henry

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Ryback joined 4th & Pain this weekend on 106.7 The Fan, co-hosted by Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and former wrestling announcer Chuck Carroll. Ryback talked about his forthcoming match with Mark Henry at WrestleMania. When asked, he said he thought he could take him in an arm wrestling contest. As far as the Goldberg comparisons, Ryback thinks the chants of “Goldberg” have fallen off a bit from when he first debuted and that only a few smart mouths in the stands will start it now. He says fans yelling “feed me more” have overtaken the Goldberg chants. Ryback isn’t bothered by the comparisons and actually thinks it’s a positive thing. Ryback says he likes Goldberg a lot. He says he’s done something similar to Goldberg’s streak in this era, but acknowledges they are two completely different entities. He also talked about his stint as a high school football and baseball player. Believe it or not, he was a kicker in addition to being a halfback, fullback and middle linebacker.

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