Celebrities to tweet during Wrestlemania, Punk at Mets game

Celebrities taking to Twitter during Wrestlemania 29 this Sunday

A variety of celebrities will be tweeting for Wrestlemania 29 this Sunday night. The list includes Charlie Sheen, Jimmy Fallon, Larry King, Seth Green, Perez Hilton, Piers Morgan, Michelle Beadle (who is expected to be at the show), Maria Menounos, Mike Tyson, Snooki, Lil Wayne and Jenny McCarthy.
[The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online]

CM Punk to make appearance at New York Mets game

WWE star CM Punk and Paul Heyman will be appearing at the New York Mets vs. Florida Marlins game this Friday at Citi Field. Punk is scheduled to be throwing out the first pitch.
[The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online]