WWE Wrestlemania 29 PPV Results 4/7/13
WWE Wrestlemania 29 Results
East Rutherford, New Jersey (Metlife Stadium)
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

* The Miz def. Wade Barrett to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion during the Wrestlemania 29 pre-show. Miz forced Barrett to tap out to the Figure Four.

A video package voiced by Gov. Chris Christie focusing on Hurricane Sandy and the people of New York and New Jersey. Christie officially welcomes us to Wrestlemania as we go live to a shot inside Metlife Stadium. Michael Cole plugs the nearly 80,000 in attendance tonight. Another video package runs focusing on the event tonight.

Sheamus is out first to kick off the show.

Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show vs. The Shield

We start with Sheamus and Roman Reigns. Sheamus with some big knees and forearms early on. Reigns responds with some big body shots. Reigns catches Sheamus with an elbow and Sheamus responds with a quick clothesline. Randy Orton gets the tag and drops some big right hands up on the corner to Seth Rollins who also got the tag. Orton uses the ropes to execute a quick suplex to Rollins. Tag back to Sheamus who works over Rollins with some forearms. Rollins dropkicks the knee of Sheamus and tags in Dean Ambrose. Ambrose and Rollins with boots to Sheamus. Sheamus catches Ambrose with a quick scoop slam. Tag to Big Show who rips away the vest of Ambrose and gives him a big chest chop. Big Show with repeated chest chops to Ambrose. Big Show with a splash in the corner, but Ambrose responds with a big dropkick to the knee of Big Show taking him off his feet. Ambrose with a quick tag to Rollins who comes off the top with some boots. Tag to Reigns who drops Big Show with a flying forearm and tags Ambrose back in.

Ambrose gets in a few shots and then another quick tag back to Rollins. Rollins with repeated kicks and boots to the body and head of Big Show keeping him grounded. Tag to Reigns who comes in with a quick body splash. Rollins gets the tag and Big Show dumps him over his head. Tag to Sheamus with a high running knee to Rollins. Sheamus tosses Rollins over the top rope, Rollins hangs on and Sheamus picks him up to the ring apron. Sheamus lifts up Rollins’ shirt and drops some bombs with his forearm. Sheamus grabs Ambrose and does the same. Sheamus goes up top and Reigns pushes him off. Orton on the attack to Ambrose and Reigns. Sheamus is tossed back in the ring. The Shield triple team him. They get Sheamus up and Reigns connects with his powerbomb as Big Show comes in with a spear taking out Rollins and Reigns. Orton tags himself in as Sheamus reaches out to Big Show. Orton with a powerslam to Ambrose. Big Show isn’t happy he didn’t get the tag. Orton with a DDT on Ambrose through the second rope as Big Show looks on.

RKO on Rollins as he jumps in. Reigns with a spear on Orton. Ambrose hooks the leg of Orton and gets the pinfall.

Winners: The Shield

After the match, The Shield celebrates the big win. Big Show is upset. Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show start to argue. Big Show with knockout punches to both Sheamus and Orton. Big Show heads up the ramp upset. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL talk about The Shield remaining undefeated.

A video package runs hyping The Rock vs. John Cena tonight.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

The bell rings and both start talking trash. Both charge at each other and they stay standing. Another charge and both remain standing. Ryback slaps his chest a few times. Ryback is knocked out of the ring early on. Henry keeps Ryback grounded. Henry applies a bearhug. Ryback gets free, but Henry with a series of headbutts. Henry with another bearhug applied. Ryback with headbutts to Henry trying to break free. Ryback is trying to toss Henry to break free, but Henry hangs on. Henry with a huge scoop slam on Ryback. Crowd inside Metlife Stadium is not enjoying this. Henry with a big headbutt that pushes Ryback backward. Ryback with some rights and pushes Henry to the corner. Ryback with a few shoulder charges. Ryback with a quick splash to Henry in the corner. Ryback backs up to the corner and levels Henry with a huge clothesline. Ryback with a kick to the gut and gets Henry up on his shoulders for the Shell Shocked! Henry hangs on to the top rope. Ryback lets go and Henry crashes over Ryback. Henry covers Ryback and gets the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match, Ryback picks up and drops Henry with a spinebuster. Ryback gets Henry up and connects with the Shell Shocked.

WWE welcomes members of the Special Olympics along with Gov. Chris Christie.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Hell No (c’s) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston w/ AJ Lee

Daniel Bryan avoids another quick loss early on like last year and takes out Dolph Ziggler with a big suicide dive. Kane and Big E Langston get the tag. Lots of back and forth action between the two. Langston shows his power early on. Tag to Dolph Ziggler and Kane with a quick side slam. Kane goes up top and misses a top rope clothesline. Ziggler with a Fameasser and Bryan breaks up the pinfall attempt. Ziggler with a huge dropkick to Bryan and Bryan rolls out of the ring. Kane catches Ziggler with an uppercut as he came off the top rope. Langston with a splash over the back of Kane to break up the pinfall attempt. Langston drops his straps, but Kane counters out and tosses Langston over the top rope. Bryan with a flying knee off the ring apron to Langston on the outside. Ziggler connects with the Zig Zag on Kane, covers and gets a close two count. AJ Lee tosses the “Money in the Bank” briefcase. AJ distracts the referee. Ziggler misses a shot and Kane with a big boot. Kane follows with a chokeslam. Kane with a baseball slide to Langston. Bryan off the top with a flying headbutt and covers Ziggler to get the pinfall.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No

After the match, Kane and Daniel Bryan celebrate the big win. We see highlights of the match including Kane’s huge chokeslam on Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan’s big flying headbutt. Back live, Bryan is continuing to celebrate leading the Metlife Stadium crowd in a huge “YES” chant.

A video package runs focusing on John Cena’s work with Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

The bell rings and Fandango begins dancing near the ropes. Chris Jericho with a big tackle and he goes after Fandango with some right hands. Jericho with some big chops to Fandango. Fandango bails early on and Jericho follows. Fandango back in the ring and Jericho with another tackle with right hands. Jericho with boots to Fandango in the corner. Jericho with a quick suplex. Fandango leaps over Jericho in the corner, but Jericho turns and catches him with a Codebreaker. Fandango flops to the outside. Jericho with a baseball slide that sends Fandango flying back near the ramp. Jericho comes off the top turnbuckle and takes out Fandango. Back in the ring, Jericho with a quick big boot and tosses Fandango over the top rope. Fandango jumps up to the ring apron and catches Jericho with a big kick to the head as Jericho springboards off the ropes. Fandango with a cover and Jericho kicks out. Fandango with repeated right hands to Jericho and then poses. Fandango with a headlock to keep Jericho grounded. Jericho fights back to his feet.

Jericho breaks free and catches Fandango with a series of shoulder blocks coming off the ropes. Jericho goes up top and catches Fandango with a quick sledgehammer shot. Fandango avoids a running bulldog and Jericho comes back with a Lou Thesz Press. Jericho with right hands and more chops. Jericho with a quick kick to the back of the head, covers Fandango and Fandango kicks out after two. Jericho with a quick cross body from the top rope. Fandango fights back sending Jericho shoulder first into the steel ring post in the corner. Fandango quickly drops Jericho on his face and recovers in the corner. Fandango goes up top, jumps and connects with his flying leg drop. Fandango hooks the leg and Jericho kicks out after two. Jericho fights back with chops. Jericho avoids a dropkick and looks for a Walls of Jericho. Fandango fights out and responds with a clothesline. Fandango goes up top and Jericho hits the ropes to send him flying off. Jericho puts Fandango up top and lights him up with another chop. Fandango with headbutts to send Jericho back.

Fandango stands up again and misses another flying leg drop attempt. Jericho with a Lionsault attempt, but Fandango gets his knees up. Jericho overshot the Lionsault. Jericho goes for a Walls of Jericho and is favoring his left ankle. Fandango grabs the ankle pulling Jericho down into a small package to get the win.

Winner: Fandango

After the match, we see a replay of the finish. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about how Chris Jericho looked to have tweaked his ankle attempt that Lionsault preventing him from locking on the Walls of Jericho. JBL talked about how impressive it was for Fandango to walk into Wrestlemania in his first match and get a big win.

We see footage of The Miz def. Wade Barrett earlier in the night during the pre-show to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

A video package runs focusing on The Rock and his connection with the WWE Universe.

We go back live to Metlife Stadium for the performance by Sean “Diddy” Combs.

A video package runs hyping Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger.

Back live, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are already in the ring. Colter talked about walking the “filthy streets” of New York and asked when we let “them” take over. He calls it a cesspool of criminals and illegals. Colter talked about how no one speaks English.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio (c) w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

Big reaction for Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio. The bell rings and Jack Swagger runs in with a knee and strikes early on. Del Rio fights back with a big knee and kick of his own. Swagger rolls out. Del Rio with a dropkick through the ropes sending Swagger back. Del Rio tosses Swagger back in the ring, gets up on the second rope, Colter distracts Del Rio and Swagger trips up Del Rio. Swagger sends Del Rio shoulder first into the steel ring post. Swagger with big knees in the corner. Swagger works over the left arm of Del Rio. Del Rio with a crucifix pin resulting in a two count. Swagger responds right away with a big boot. Swagger with a big splash in the corner on Del Rio jumping off the second rope. Del Rio with kicks to Swagger at ringside. Back in the ring, Del Rio with a big boot and series of clotheslines. Del Rio stomps on the hand of Colter at ringside. Swagger with a huge takedown on Del Rio countering an armbar attempt. Swagger with a chop block to the knee of Del Rio taking him off his feet. Swagger gets the Patriot Lock applied.

Del Rio breaks out kicking Swagger to the corner. Del Rio misses his kick to the head. Del Rio trips up Swagger as he tried to jump off the second rope. Del Rio with forearms to the lower back of Swagger and the finishes him off with a big backcracker. Del Rio with a big german suplex with a release on Swagger. Swagger counters another armbar attempt and picks up Del Rio with his big gutwrench powerbomb. Swagger hooks the leg and gets a two count. Swagger gets the Patriot Lock applied. Del Rio counters into the armbar. Swagger turns Del Rio over and gets the Patriot Lock applied again. Del Rio gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Swagger applies it again and lets go before the referee reaches the five count as Del Rio grabbed the ropes again. Del Rio catches Swagger with a big kick to the head. Both men are down. Del Rio with another kick to the head of Swagger and hooks the leg. Colter puts the leg of Swagger on the bottom rope during the pinfall attempt. Ricardo walks over and Colter kicks out one of the crutches.

Del Rio jumps out and tries going after Colter when Swagger attacks him from behind. Swagger launches Del Rio back first into the barricade. Swagger tosses Del Rio back in the ring. Back in the ring, Del Rio gets the armbar applied. Swagger is trying to fight out. Del Rio is pulling back with force. Swagger taps out.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez celebrate the big win. We see a shot of Michael Strahan at ringside front row celebrating.

A video runs showing WWE’s partnership with the National Guard.

A video package runs hyping The Undertaker vs. CM Punk tonight.

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman

Living Colour performed “Cult of Personality” for CM Punk’s entrance.

The bell rings and CM Punk with a quick slap to The Undertaker early on. Punk bails, jumps back in and then goes after Taker with forearms and elbows in the corner. Taker launches Punk back to the corner and Punk with another slap to the face. Punk with big kicks and Taker responds with a huge big boot early on. Taker quickly tosses Punk out of the ring and Taker unloads with big right hands. Taker launches Punk over the ring barricade into the timekeepers area. Taker throws Punk over the Spanish announce table. Taker starts to clear it off as we see Paul Heyman yelling at the referee at ringside. Taker picks up Punk and drives him spine first into the steel ring post. Taker puts Punk down on the ring apron, gets in a few shots, walks up to the ring apron and drops a leg over the throat of Punk. Taker backs Punk into the corner and hits a few rights and body shots. Taker works over the left arm of Punk, backs to the corner, gets up on the top rope and Punk with a big arm drag sending Taker back into the ring. Punk with a quick kick.

Punk works over the arm of Taker, scales up the top rope and comes off with Old School on Taker! The crowd in Metlife Stadium can’t believe it as Punk laughs. Punk goes back to work on Taker working over his arm. Heyman is mocking Taker at ringside with the urn. Taker fights to his feet, backs Punk to the corner and gets in a few quick body shots. Punk hits the corner with force, but moves when Taker comes charging in knee first. Taker slides out favoring his knee. Punk comes off the top turnbuckle with a sledgehammer shot. Back in the ring, Punk executes a quick neckbreaker and gets a two count during a pinfall attempt. Taker fights back with big rights to Punk. Punk with a swinging neckbreaker and gets another two count. Heyman screams, “You are a half second away from beating the streak!” Taker with a knee and suplex combo. Punk is going for a second Old School attempt. This time Taker crotches Punk on the top rope. Taker with a right hand that sends Punk down to the ringside floor. Heyman checks on Punk. Taker hits the ropes.

Heyman jumps up on the ring apron. Taker grabs him by his neck. Punk comes off the top rope with a flying clothesline. Punk with his knee to the jaw in the corner and drops Taker. Punk goes up to the top rope, comes off with his flying elbow and connects. Punk covers and Taker kicks out after two. Punk calls for Heyman to raise the urn up at ringside. Punk is calling for the GTS. Punk has Taker up. Taker jumps off and plants Punk with a huge chokeslam. Taker with a cover and Punk barely gets a shoulder up after two. Punk and Taker start exchanging right hands. Taker gets the better of it dropping Punk. Taker with more rights in the corner. Taker with a splash to Punk in the corner. Taker has Punk up and drops him with snake eyes on the corner. Punk immediately responds with a heel kick to the jaw. Punk clotheslines Taker to the outside. Punk clears off the Spanish announce table some more. Taker grabs Punk looking to hit the Last Ride. Punk jumps off and catches Taker with a big kick to the head. Taker is now laying over the top of the table.

Punk goes up to the top turnbuckle. Punk raises his arms, jumps and connects with a flying elbow to the chest of Taker over the Spanish announce table. The table doesn’t break. Both men are down. Punk is the first to roll in the ring. The referee continues his count. Taker barely rolls in at the count of 9. Punk can’t believe it. Taker is going for the Hell’s Gate submission. Punk is trying to fight out. Punk counters lifting himself up and getting the legs of Taker hooked that results in a close two count. Punk then gets the Anaconda Vice applied. Punk is pulling back when Taker sits down on his shoulders. Taker sits up at two and stares at Punk. Taker on his feet. Punk counters a chokeslam attempt. Punk has Taker up for GTS. Punk connects with the GTS, Taker bounces off the ropes and immediately goes for the Tombstone Piledriver. Taker connects. Taker covers and Punk kicks out! Taker can’t believe it. Heyman is shocked at ringside. Punk and Taker exchange right hands and elbows. Punk with chops. Taker with rights. Punk kicks Taker in the face. Punk hits the referee.

The referee is down. Punk favors his knee as he pushes Taker back to the corner. Punk with his running high knee to Taker in the corner. Taker has Punk up for the Last Ride. Heyman tosses the urn at Punk. Punk catches it and cracks the urn over the back of his neck. Punk crosses the arms of Taker going for the pinfall and Taker powers out after two. Punk is shocked. Punk calls for the end mocking Taker. Taker fights out of the GTS. Punk counters a Tombstone. Punk has Taker back up. Taker has Punk back up and connects with a Tombstone Piledriver. Taker crosses the arms of Punk and gets the pinfall.

The Undertaker remains undefeated and goes 21-0.

Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, The Undertaker grabs the urn at ringside and brings it back in the ring. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Undertaker takes a knee as pyro goes off in the entrance area. He heads up the ramp with the urn in hand, takes one last look back at Metlife Stadium and holds up one arm.

A video package runs focusing on John Cena.

A video package runs hyping Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar.

No Holds Barred Match
If Triple H loses, he must retire
Triple H w/ Shawn Michaels vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

The bell rings and Brock Lesnar goes after Triple H right away. Triple H with some body shots. Lesnar with some big knees. Lesnar falls to the outside when Triple H pulls him out. Triple H sends Lesnar into the barricade and part of it breaks. Triple H drops the face of Lesnar off the announce table. Triple H drops some rights. Lesnar drives Triple H back first into the ring and then tosses him over the ring barricade. Lesnar grabs a steel chair and steps over the barricade. As he is trying to step over, Triple H takes him out with a clothesline and Lesnar hits the floor with force. Lesnar nearly dropped back on the top of his head while taking the clothesline. Lesnar tosses Triple H back in the ring. Lesnar grabs the chair and Triple H catches him with a high knee. Heyman quickly removes the steel chair when Triple H goes for it. Triple H dumps Lesnar to the outside. Lesnar with a shot to the gut of Triple H. Triple H grabs Lesnar and bounces his head off the steel steps. Lesnar with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Triple H. Triple H lands with a thud on the floor.

Lesnar throws Triple H face first off the first announce table. Lesnar with a huge suplex on Triple H crashing him through the Spanish announce table! Lesnar lets out a loud scream looking on at Triple H. Lesnar picks up a dazed Triple H and connects with a big high knee. Lesnar with another overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Triple H this time over the rubble of the Spanish announce table. Lesnar drags Triple H by his arm near the ring and then starts chasing down Shawn Michaels who quickly runs away. Back in the ring, Lesnar with big stomps to the body of Triple H. Triple H fights back with a knee to the face, but Lesnar immediately responds with a clothesline. Lesnar with a cover and Triple H kicks out. Triple H catches Lesnar with a big boot in the corner, but Lesnar immediately responds with another overhead belly-to-belly suplex with a release. Lesnar with a german suplex. Heyman yells at Triple H to stay down. Another cover by Lesnar and Triple H again kicks out. Lesnar with yet another german suplex. Triple H with right hands to Lesnar in the corner.

Lesnar with a series of counters leading to a big irish whip sending Triple H to the corner and then up and over to the ringside area. At ringside, Triple H gets the better of Lesnar and clotheslines him over the barricade into the timekeeper area. Triple H grabs a steel chair and cracks it over the back of Lesnar. Back in the ring, Lesnar with another german suplex and this time Lesnar hangs on with a bridge for a two count. Lesnar takes out Shawn Michaels who jumps up on the ring apron. Triple H with a spinebuster on Lesnar. Lesnar counters a Pedigree attempt going for an F5. HBK jumps in and breaks it up. Lesnar drops Triple H and then gives HBK a big F5. Triple H with a kick, Lesnar drops to a knee, Triple H picks him back up and connects with a Pedigree. Triple H with a cover and Lesnar kicks out. Triple H has a sledgehammer. Lesnar is up. Lesnar scoops up Triple H and connects with the F5. Lesnar hooks the leg and Triple H powers out after two. Lesnar has a busted lip. Heyman can’t believe it. Triple H rolls out of the ring and Lesnar leaves the ring grabbing a steel chair.

Lesnar cracks the chair over the back of Triple H yelling, “I’ll play with chairs too!” Lesnar sends Triple H into the steel steps. Lesnar then picks up the bottom part of the steel steps and hits Triple H in the head with them. Lesnar then picks up the top part of the steel steps and tosses them inside the ring. Triple H is back in the ring as Lesnar picks up the steel steps. Lesnar again with another shot this time to the shoulder of Triple H using the steel steps. Lesnar hooks the leg and Triple H still kicks out. Triple H with a slap to Lesnar and follows with some right hands. Lesnar counters a Pedigree attempt and gets the Kimura Lock applied standing. Triple H pushes Lesnar into the corner to break it up. Lesnar then locks it on again. Triple H again sends Lesnar to the corner to break it up. Lesnar a third time gets the Kimura Lock applied. Lesnar sits up on the top turnbuckle, wraps his legs around the body of Triple H and keeps the Kimura Lock applied. Triple H lifts up Lesnar, backs up and drops him down in a modified spinebuster. Lesnar is up first near the steel steps as Triple H recovers.

Lesnar misses a spear in the corner hitting the steel ring post. Triple H with a low blow to Lesnar. Triple H grabs the left arm of Lesnar and bounces it off the steel ring post. Triple H grabs a chair, wraps Lesnar’s arm around the steel ring post and cracks the chair over his arm. Triple H slides back in and again uses the chair cracking it over the arm of Lesnar. Triple H then jumps on Lesnar and gets the Kimura Lock applied on Lesnar! Lesnar drops down teasing he will tap. Lesnar screams at Heyman to help. Heyman grabs a chair and HBK slides in taking out Heyman with Sweet Chin Music. Lesnar is screaming in pain. Lesnar stands up with Triple H’s legs wrapped around his body keeping the Kimura Lock applied. Lesnar drops Triple H back first over the steel ring steps. Lesnar grabs his arm in pain. Triple H then goes back to the Kimura Lock. Lesnar again drops Triple H back first over the steel steps. Triple H gets the Kimura Lock locked yet again. Lesnar again picks up Triple H, but when Triple H is dropped back first down on the steel steps again Triple H caught him in a DDT. Triple H grabs the sledgehammer and cracks it over the head of Lesnar. Triple H brings Lesnar to the top of the steel steps. Triple H with a Pedigree to Lesnar over the steel steps. Triple H drops down, hooks the leg of Lesnar and gets the win.

Winner: Triple H

After the match, Shawn Michaels and Triple H hug. We see highlights of the match including the finish. Back live, Triple H celebrates his win posing with a sledgehammer in hand.

A promo for the WWE Extreme Rules PPV on 5/19/13 airs.

Highlights from the Class of 2013 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday is shown. Back live, Howard Finkel introduces the Class of 2013: Mick Foley, Booker T, Trish Stratus, Bob Backlund, Donald Trump and Bruno Sammartino.

A promo for Wrestlemania 30 next year in New Orleans on 4/6/14 airs.

WWE announces a live attendance of 80,676 tonight inside Metlife Stadium.

WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs. John Cena

The bell rings and here we go. Lock up and John Cena gets a headlock applied. Cena with a quick shoulder tackle that drops Rock. Lock up and Rock gets the headlock. Rock with a shoulder tackle of his own that drops Cena. Cena is back up quick and staring down Rock. Rock goes back to the headlock. Rock with a huge hip toss after a series of counters by Cena. Cena bails to the outside to recover. Cena returns to the ring as the fans react loudly in support of Rock inside Metlife Stadium. Rock looks at Cena and yells, “Do you hear that?” Cena with a knee and right hands to Rock backing him to the corner. Cena launches Rock to the corner and Rock bounces off to the mat. Cena stays on Rock dropping some rights. Rock fires back with a clothesline after being sent to the opposite corner. Rock with rights to Cena back him to the corner. Rock launches Cena to the opposite corner and Cena lands with a thud. Rock catches Cena with a big kick to the face sending Cena flying back into the ropes. Rock drops elbows over the chest of Cena on the ring apron.

Cena recovers and back in the ring gets another headlock applied on Rock. Rock gets to his feet and tries to power out. Cena with a knee and a big belly-to-belly on Rock. Cena covers and gets a two count. Cena goes back to the headlock. Rock with a sleeper hold on Cena. Cena drops down and breaks free. Cena with big stomps to Rock near the corner. The Rock with a big samoan drop to Cena. Cena with a quick suplex on Rock, hooks the leg and Rock powers out after two. Rock catches Cena with an elbow, right hands and then Cena connects with a flying shoulder tackle. Rock avoids a second and drops Cena with some big rights. Cena counters a spinebuster attempt, goes for an STF, Rock counters and Cena catches him with two big flying shoulder tackles. Rock counters Cena’s twisting powerbomb, gets Cena down and gets the Sharpshooter locked in on Cena. Cena turns to his back and kicks Rock away to break free. Cena with his twisting powerbomb plant on Rock. Cena gets to his feet, raises his hand and gets a huge chorus of boo’s smiling.

Cena misses his Five Knuckle Shuffle and instead takes a big DDT from Rock. Rock jumps back to his feet and is taunting at Cena to get on his feet. Cena counters a Rock Bottom attempt and goes right into the STF. Rock fights out and Cena catapults him to the corner. Cena plants Rock with a quick back suplex and then this time connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena has Rock up for the AA. Rock counters and plants Cena with a big spinebuster. Rock stands over Cena as Metlife Stadium cheers loudly. Cena counters, drops Rock down and gets the STF locked on again. Rock tries to power out and eventually breaks free. Rock connects with Rock Bottom on Cena. Cena kicks out. Cena connects with the AA on Rock. Rock kicks out. Cena goes up to the top turnbuckle. Cena comes off attempting a leg drop and Rock moves. Rock plants Cena with another spinebuster and connects with The People’s Elbow. Rock hooks the leg and Cena powers out after two. Cena rolls out of the ring to avoid another pinfall attempt. Rock gets back on his feet and heads outside the ring.

Rock slides a lifeless Cena back in the ring. Rock and Cena exchange right hands. Rock attempts a cross body. Cena catches Rock, tosses him to his shoulders, Rock drops off and connects with the Rock Bottom. Rock hooks the leg and Cena kicks out after two. Rock stands over Cena mocking him with the “you can’t see me” gesture. Rock goes for another People’s Elbow, Cena jumps up and connects with the AA. Cena with the cover and Rock gets a shoulder up barely after two. Cena is up and hits some rights. Rock returns with rights. Rock and Cena now exchanging rights and body shots. Cena with a quick roll up for a two count. Cena with a Rock Bottom on Rock! Cena hooks the leg and Rock kicks out. Cena stands over Rock looking to do his “you can’t see me” gesture. Cena stops himself, kicks up the arms of Rock, tosses one of his wrist bands, mocks Rock, hits the ropes, holds on, Rock is up, Cena has Rock up, Rock counters and gets the Rock Bottom. Rock covers Cena and Cena again somehow kicks out. Both men are down. Cena has Rock up and Rock again counters.

More counters. Rock holds the ropes. Cena counters another Rock Bottom. Cena has Rock up. Rock jumps down and connects with a big DDT. Rock waits for Cena to get up. Cena is up, gets Rock on his shoulders and connects with the AA. Cena hooks the leg of Rock and gets the pinfall. Cena is now an 11-time WWE Champion.

Winner and new WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, John Cena stands up and celebrates his win with the WWE Championship belt. We see a great replay of the finish from a long distance seeing the big reaction inside Metlife Stadium. Back live, The Rock is up in the corner. Cena and Rock start talking to each other. Both shake hands and hug. Cena backs off pointing at Rock and leaves the ring. Rock’s music hits and Rock walks to the middle of the ring. We see a shot of Cena walking up the ramp looking down at the WWE Championship. We see Rock saying thank you to the crowd in attendance at Metlife Stadium as he walks around the ring. Rock leaves the ring, visits with family and friends at ringside and heads up the ramp. Cena is at the top saluting Rock. Rock salutes back. Cena and Rock celebrate as pyro and fireworks goes off behind them. We go off the air with Cena holding up the WWE Championship belt screaming, “The champ is here!”