Wrestleview reader Louis DeStefano sent this in along with a photo.

I have written in before a few times with recaps as I live on Long Island and go to mostly all the live events I can when they are in the local area. I need to get this off my chest asap as I just arrived home from Wrestlemania 29 at MetLife Stadium. I went with my 6 year old son, brother and 2 sisters. Spent $200 per ticket off Ticketmaster. Section 143 row 20. Look it up. Spectacular seats right off to the side of the stage diagonal to the ring.

And when we sit down, what is taking up the entire middle 1/3 of the ring? A giant solid beam that is holding up the overhang structure over the ring. A full blown fake building solid beam structure, Instead of it being a see through metal construction type at least. I don’t see anywhere online when my we got the tickets through Ticketmaster nor on the ticket itself that it has an obstructed view wording of any kind. I WAS SHOCKED and SO UPSET!

Imagine looking at a ring in person and someone putting a building right inthe middle of view. I had to watch on the screen. I could’ve done that from home! I have never been disappointed with a WWE event, but this was the worst. My son who will be 7 on Monday was crying cause he couldn’t see. Hes been waiting to seeThe Undertaker forever. He didn’t understand why he had to watch a screen except when they went into 2 of the 4 corners. I asked the ushers and they said it’s a sold out event. There is nothing that can be done about it. I didn’t want to miss the show and waste my time arguing and getting nowhere. If it said obstructed, then fine, I knew what I was getting into. IT DID NOT! I feel I got ripped off with a lot of other people on Sunday night.

Reader email on obstructed view from seat at Wrestlemania 29