Yahoo and TMZ pick up story on Triple H 2nd degree burns

Both Yahoo and TMZ have picked up on the story about Triple H suffering 2nd degree burns at Wrestlemania 29 during his entrance as a result of exposure to dry ice. The Yahoo article includes a brief clip of his entrance if you didn’t see how it went down.

To view the Yahoo article, click here.

To view the TMZ article, click here.

New interviews with Sgt. Slaughter and Brodus Clay

Brian Soscia passed this along.

Brian Soscia of Mix 106.1 and the Soscia Network in Philly had the chance to sit down w/ Sgt Slaughter and had him address the American public on the current North Korea situation! Hey, if you can’t trust Slaughter who can you trust?

We also had Brodus Clay on and talked about his career, his love of Rocky movies and how he patterns himself after Clubber Lang, his time w/ Snoop, how he was discovered and his career as a school teacher. He also speaks on why he isn’t being marketed as a killer heel, how he feels about it and much more!