4/17 WWE Results: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Johnny Berendsen passed along this report.

In an almost soldout Ahoy. I bring to you the results of the first WWE show in The Netherlands over more then 20 years! The crowd gets even hot for the announcement that you cant video tape this event.


Zach Ryder vs Heath Slater
Ryder wins by pinfall

Ziggler vs Bryan is announcend later on the evening. The crowd can decide if Ziggler puts the title on the line

Cesaro vs R-Truth
Truth wins by pinfall

Promo by Ziggler on the screen.

Vickie Guerrero enters the ring. She announces 6-tag diva match.

Bella Twins and Tamina vs Funkadatcyls and Kaitlyn
Team Kaitlyn wins by pinfall.

William Regal vs Michael McGillicutty
Regal has the best pop thusfar. A nice you still got it chant for Regal. 🙂
Regal wins by pinfall

Daniel Bryan vs Ziggler (For the world heavyweight championship)
Very good reaction for Bryan.
Ziggler wins by pinfall in a very solid match.
Bryan puts Ziggler in the no-lock after the match and cheers with the belt. Much to the delight of the dutch crowd.

Brodus Clay and Sweet T vs Rhodes Scholars
Tons of Funk win by pinfall

Big E Langston vs Kane
Ziggler interferes, Bryan interferes. So Vickie comes out and makes it a tag match.

Ziggler and Big E vs Team Hell No
Team Hell No wins by pinfall when Bryan pins Ziggler.
Funny post match promo between Bryan and Kane over who hold up the WWE tag team belts.

John Cena vs Ryback (tables match) for the WWE Championship
Cena wins by AA trough the table.

Fun show. Hope WWE come back next year.