Brian Fritz of The Orlando Sentinel (and of “Between the Ropes” radio) has an interview up with WWE U.S. Champion The Miz. Here are some of the highlights.

On Ozzy Osbourne hosting Raw this past Monday:
“Who isn?t a fan of Ozzy Osbourne? Just to be in there in the same ring and talk a little smack to him was absolutely fantastic. I had so much fun.”

On Chris Masters “flexing” to the “Crazy Train” song:
“(laughs) I think that actually stole the entire show. It’s what everyone is talking about! A man that can flex his pecs to ?Crazy Train?. I mean, did that really happen? Chris Masters isn?t the type of person to go out there and start shaking his boobs but then all of a sudden he just starting doing it. It was absolutely incredible. Now fans instead of asking him to put them in the Master Lock, they?re going to say ?hey, can you flex your chest to ?Crazy Train? for me??”

His favorite guest host on Raw so far:
“My favorite so far has been Bob Barker. Of all these people we?ve had ? Jeremy Piven, Ben Roethlisberger, Nancy O?Dell ? so many of these stars have been great but Bob Barker was my favorite. I grew up watching ?The Price is Right?. Just to have him on there and have (Chris) Jericho confront and 80-year-old man and go (deepens voice) ?listen Barker, I will beat?? and then Barker come back and say ?I will bend you over my knee and spank you? is just absolutely incredible. It was so awesome just to see how he was with the WWE superstars as well as the fans. Such a nice, great guy and I really think that this guest host thing that WWE has been doing for the past couple of months now has really elevated the show and has done wonders for it. I think it’s going great and it will continue to do great.”

If he has gotten more respect over the years in WWE:
“That’s always a topic of conversation. People always ask me how does the locker room like you and the locker room has always hated me. I?ve never had too many friends in the WWE whether it was jealousy, whether they just didn?t like me because I came from the reality world. I find it amazing that WWE fans but also the locker room will take in MMA stars, they?ll take in football players, they?ll take in seven-foot tall people, you know. But a reality star comes in and oh, low and behold, he can?t fight. He can?t come into our business. I?m there just to prove everyone wrong, to prove to all those people that said he’s not supposed to be here, he’s just from a reality show. Let him host something. Let him host a Diva thing or something. I can actually wrestle and I can actually mean business and do what I say I am and actually be the best in the business.”

To check out the full interview, click here.

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