Dates for WWE’s next European tour in November 2013

The following dates have been confirmed for WWE’s next European tour this November. Dates include: 11/6 in Belfast, 11/7 in Dublin, 11/7 in Barcelona, 11/8 in Madrid, 11/9 in Birmingham, 11/10 in Cardiff, 11/10 in Glasgow, 11/11 in Manchester (RAW taping), 11/12 in Newcastle, 11/12 in Manchester (Smackdown taping), 11/13 in Nottingham, 11/14 in Leeds, 11/14 in Rouen, 11/15 in London, 11/15 in Marseille and 11/16 in Minehead.

CM Punk attends “Iron Man 3” premiere on Wednesday night

WWE star CM Punk attended the “Iron Man 3” premiere along with former WWE Diva Amy “Lita” Dumas. A photo of Punk and Dumas on the red carpet can be seen below.