Next WWE European tour, Punk at “Iron Man 3” premiere

Dates for WWE’s next European tour in November 2013

The following dates have been confirmed for WWE’s next European tour this November. Dates include: 11/6 in Belfast, 11/7 in Dublin, 11/7 in Barcelona, 11/8 in Madrid, 11/9 in Birmingham, 11/10 in Cardiff, 11/10 in Glasgow, 11/11 in Manchester (RAW taping), 11/12 in Newcastle, 11/12 in Manchester (Smackdown taping), 11/13 in Nottingham, 11/14 in Leeds, 11/14 in Rouen, 11/15 in London, 11/15 in Marseille and 11/16 in Minehead.

CM Punk attends “Iron Man 3” premiere on Wednesday night

WWE star CM Punk attended the “Iron Man 3” premiere along with former WWE Diva Amy “Lita” Dumas. A photo of Punk and Dumas on the red carpet can be seen below.

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