More on WWE video game license, avoiding bankruptcy court

One of the main reasons the WWE video game license didn’t end up in bankruptcy court and why WWE was able to sign with Take Two so quickly was due to “legal wranglings” where they gave up the rights to a lot of revenue they were owed according to a report by Dave Meltzer. WWE signed with Take Two back in February for a new five-year deal and had to hold off on making it public until everything with THQ was settled.

THQ reportedly owed WWE in the range of $7.5 million in royalties for the “WWE ’13” video game and owed Yuke’s (the Japanese developer of the game) in excess of $15 million. WWE and THQ agreed on 2/12 to waive all claims of money owed in bankruptchy court in exchange for the video game license contract being canceled.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter