Report: Wrestlemania doing bigger business in just a few years

The figure released by WWE about Wrestlemania 29 generating around $72 million, an increase of $5 million from Wrestlemania 28 last year, means Wrestlemania has gone from a show averaging $20-$25 million to around $40 million only a few years. Of the $67 million that Wrestlemania 28 generated last year, WWE itself took in around $36.2 million.

WWE stated that Wrestlemania 29 this year was expected to exceed 1 million buys. While it isn’t expected to beat the record still held by Wrestlemania 23, a key official in WWE was claiming that the show drew around 750,000 buys in North America putting it slightly above last year. A preliminary number is scheduled to be released by WWE in late May.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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