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Meeting Mick Foley…Tales From Wrestling’s Past

I was so luck to go and see Mick Foley Tales From Wrestling Past…LIVE…

Fantastic night out…

Mick performed in my home town of Birmingham, England.

His 2 warm up acts were good, and talked at length about Randy Orton and The Great Khali.

Then the moment we all wanted… the man himself…Mick Foley…

The man is a genius…

Mick walked out to a large Foley, Foley chant, made you feel like you were at the Hall Of Fame.

Mick has a very dry sense of humour, and didn’t get to dirty, he did a little, just not to bad as there was a few kids in attendance.

He told stories from his past, such as how a large coach picked up WWE Superstars, and Al Snow!!!

Mick mentioned Shawn Michaels haircut in 2002, the page boy. Talked about Randy Orton, John Cena and how he loved to travel with Terry Funk.

Mick talked about his life on the road, and how he and Steve Austin emotionally broke DDP in his early WCW days. This was such a funny story.

Mick talked at length about the Hall Of Fame, how he told Jericho on stage, you are going to have to take most of this bump, as you can see, Jericho did, lol.

Mick talked about CM Punk, and being a heel. Foley told jokes about how some wrestlers travel on the road and how nuts Dean Ambrose really is, after there twitter feud.

We then switched to a sex story from Germany, in which Al Snow, Mick and a certain superstar who made Doom, and G.I Joe, went to this show, were the male ‘’performer’’, was working injured, and as Mick noticed, quite stiff!

Mick talked about the attitude era and said his matches with Terry Funk were his favourite.

Mick talked at length about Hell In A Cell and The Undertaker, about how he didn’t know why a pair of shoes were in the ring, as they belonged to Terry Funk.

I was lucky enough to have Meet & Greet tickets, and meet one of my WWE Heroes. Mick is a lovely, approachable person. I talked to him about his 1996 Mind Games match with Shawn Michaels, in which Mick stated he and Shawn were literally just thrown together. He then stated how he would of loved to form a tag team with Shawn, as they could of done some really cool stuff.

Without doubt Mick Foley is a legend, a genius, and is well worth going to see live. This is one of the best experiences I have ever had, brilliant!!!