WWE NXT Results – 5/30/13 (#1 Contender Battle Royal)

WWE NXT results 5/30/13 

WWE NXT Results
May 30, 2013
Full Sail University
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Brad Maddox
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then we go right to the opening match.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) vs. Travis Tyler & Sawyer Fulton

Harper & Tyler will start things off. Harper with a gut kick, a back club and a big uppercut. Harper pulls at the face, then does it in the ropes. Harper with a chop while doing his “yeah, yeah, yeah” chant. Tag to Rowan as Harper sends Tyler to Rowan, who hits a slam. Rowan with 2 more slams, followed by a headbutt and a back club. Tag to Harper as Rowan places Tyler on the top rope so Harper can unload with overhand chops to the chest. Tyler gets out of a slam attempt and tags in Fulton. Harper misses a right hand and Fulton with some right hands. Fulton charges, but Harper drills him with a big boot. Harper charges and connects with an avalanche in the corner.

Harper hits the Discus Clothesline for the victory.

Winners: NXT Tag Team Champions The Wyatt Family by pinfall (Discus Clothesline)


Back from commercial, we go to an announcement from Stephanie McMahon inside WWE Studios in Stamford, Connecticut. Stephanie puts over NXT, then announces a tournament to determine the 1st ever NXT Women’s Champion. It will feature Divas from RAW, Smackdown & NXT, notably Paige, Summer Rae & Emma. The tournament starts next week.

We go to our next match.

Emma vs. Audrey Marie

Emma now has bubbles for her entrance while doing her wacky dance, which a lot of fans in the audience are doing along with her. Before the bell sounds, Emma wants her music played so she can do her wacky dance again. Audrey is taken aback by this and eventually shoves Emma down. Audrey trash talks Emma, then hits her with a forearm. Emma avoids a corner charge by going out onto the apron. Emma does some more dancing before nailing Audrey with a shoulder to the ribs. Emma slides under the legs and rolls up Audrey for a nearfall. Audrey comes back with an arm whip takedown for a nearfall. Emma takes down Audrey and hooks in a Jackknife Pin for a nearfall. Audrey gets up with a back bridge and hits a gutwrench suplex for a nearfall. Emma sidesteps a back drop attempt with a backslide for a nearfall. Audrey gets to her feet while still hooked in the backslide, but Emma gets to the ropes. Emma then locks Audrey in a variation of the Tartanula, which commentary mentions that she calls it the Dil-Emma. Audrey goes slumping to the corner while Emma does some more dancing. Emma then charges and connects with a basement crossbody.

Emma with a catapult sending Audrey face-first to the mat, then Emma with the Emma Lock for the victory.

Winner: Emma by submission (Emma Lock)

Emma celebrates with some more of her wacky dancing, which the crowd continues to do with her.

Backstage, Renee Young is set to interview the new team of Scott Dawson & Garrett Dylan when their manager, Sylvester LeFort, halts the interview and leads his team away, saying its time for them to make some money as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, the team of Brandon Traven & Jake Carter are already in the ring for our next match.

Brandon Traven & Jake Carter vs. Scott Dawson & Garrett Dylan w/Sylvester LeFort

Dylan comes out drinking from a bottle of barbecue sauce, while their manager, LeFort, is from the French Rivera and is an entrepreneur. Dawson goes for the legs of Carter to start, which Carter is able to avoid. Carter with a side headlock, but Dawson with an uppercut. Carter comes back with a gut kick, followed by a series of gut shots in the corner. Carter is sent onto the apron, then while the ref is with Dawson, Dylan pulls at Carter’s leg, sending him crashing face-first off the apron. Dawson gets Carter back in the ring, then hits a back elbow. Dawson with a snapmare, a leg drop, an elbow drop and finally a knee drop for a nearfall. Tag to Dylan, who hits a knee to the ribs. Dylan with a slam, followed by right hands from the mount. Dylan taunts the crowd, then tags in Dawson, who hits a series of stomps. Dawson with a snapmare, then pulls at the face before gaining a nearfall. Dawson with a head and arm lock as the crowd wills on Carter. Carter comes back with a jawbreaker, Dawson misses a right hand and Carter crawls under the legs before tagging in Traven. Traven with a forearm and a dropkick. Dylan drops down to avoid a forearm and that allows Dawson to nail Traven with a clothesline.

Tag to Dylan & D Squared hit a spinebuster/flying axe handle combo on Traven for the victory.

Winners: D Squared by pinfall (Spinebuster/Flying Axe Handle combo)

LeFort celebrates with his team as we go to commercial.


NXT Champion Big E. Langston vs. Derrick Bateman

Bateman goes on the attack right at the bell, hitting a series of strikes and a running dropkick. Bateman goes for 10 punches, but Big E lifts him out of the corner and throws him down chest-first. Big E charges and connects with the E Train.

Down come the straps as Big E lifts up Bateman and hits the Big Ending for the victory.

Winner: NXT Champion Big E. Langston by pinfall (The Big Ending)

Afterwards, Big E hits another Big Ending and does his own 5 count as we go to commercial.


Next week, its the Wyatt Family vs. Kassius Ohno & Corey Graves.

NXT Champion Big E. Langston joins the commentary table for our main event.

Main Event in a #1 Contenders Battle Royal: Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas vs. Mason Ryan vs. Kassius Ohno vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Corey Graves vs. Conor O’Brian vs. Sakamoto vs. Briley Pierce vs. Knuckles Madsen vs. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Curt Hawkins vs. Dante Dash vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Aiden English vs. Alexander Rusev

Order of Elimination:

Sakamoto, Pierce, Hawkins, Rusev, Corbin, Madsen, Rawley, Tatsu, Dash, English, Zayn, Ryan.

Ryan eliminated the 1st 9 guys listed in a matter of 2 minutes, including press slamming Zayn over the ropes onto everybody. Ryan tried to powerbomb Neville out, but Neville turned it into a rana and eliminated Ryan.


Order of Elimination:

O’Brian, Graves, Ohno, Wyatt

Ohno eliminates O’Brian with a discus knee, but then Wyatt came up from behind and eliminated both Ohno & Graves. Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on Dallas, but Neville nails him with an enziguri and eliminates Wyatt.

Final two are Neville & Dallas. Neville is sent onto the apron by Dallas, but he hits a roundhouse kick to the head. Neville heads up top for British Airways, but Dallas gets the knees up and then throws Neville out to win the match and become #1 Contender.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Title: Bo Dallas

Dallas & Big E. stare each other down as we go to credits.