WWE Main Event Results 6/5/13

WWE Main Event Results
June 5, 2013
Uniondale, New York
Commentators: Josh Mathews, The Miz, and Ricardo Rodriguez
Report by: Mr. V of Wrestleview.com

After watching Gene Hackman get killed by Sharon Stone in “The Quick and the Dead”, it’s time for some WWE Main Event!

Then. Now. Forever.

After the intro montage and fireworks, our opening bout began.

Singles Match
Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro

Mathews talked about his most recent success last week on Main Event and Raw. Meanwhile, Sheamus is in some classic ring attire and not wearing thigh wraps.

The match starts with a tie-up and the break off after a power struggle. Cesaro goes in with a headlock. Sheamus breaks out. Sheamus then lays out Cesaro with a headlock takedown. Cesaro reverses with a headlock with his legs and he bites Sheamus hand.

After some chain wrestling tactics, Sheamus takes him down with a shoulder block. Cesaro needs a breather and steps out at the corner for a moment. After a knuckle lock, Cesaro executes a pure takedown. Then Cesaro hit a great deadlift gut wretch Suplex. Sheamus goes out to the frame, but then connects with a slingshot shoulder block and now Sheamus works on the arm of Cesaro. Cesaro breaks it at the corner and then hits a forearm and an European Uppercut. Sheamus then whips Cesaro the ropes and moments later powerslams him, and follows a cover for two.

They fight outside of the ring and Sheamus shoves Cesaro to the barricade. We are back in the ring and Sheamus tries to do the clubbing blows off the ropes. Cesaro blocks it, then drills Sheamus shoulder first to the post. Cesaro then walks to the other side of the ring frame and then charges him with the boot to the head. It was a fantastic spot.


After the break, Cesaro then the chinlock applied. Sheamus blocks it, but Cesaro was wise and hit an unorthodox power slam. Sheamus’ face is telling a story. Sheamus is fighting back with some punches, but Cesaro clotheslines him back to the mat. Cesaro tried to cover but Sheamus kicked out at two. Cesaro then showed off to the crowd and dragged Sheamus to a corner, then applies a sleeper hold. Sheamus fights on, however Cesaro escaped but then met an Irish Curse Backbreaker and now both wrestlers are down as the referee counts.

Sheamus begins his run with Irish Hammers, a high knee, and misses White Noise. However, Sheamus catches Cesaro to the ropes and then hits a series of 10 clubbing blows across the chest, Sheamus gets even by drilling Cesaro to the ring post, then charges Cesaro with a running shoulder tackle.

The action is back in the ring. Cesaro fights off White Noise. Cesaro came back with a Crossface Chicken Wing. Sheamus fought off, hit a Rolling Slam on Cesaro and covers for a two count. Sheamus after that pin attempt showed a bit of selling with the arm.

Sheamus then walks up to the top rope, but Cesaro hits a devastating European Uppercut and Sheamus kicked out of it at two! Cesaro is now showing frustration. Cesaro now walks up to the top and connects with a Flying knee drop to perfection. Sheamus still kicked out after a cover. Cesaro then goes with the Crossface Chicken Wing. Sheamus is struggling, but got his foot on the rope and the hold is broken.

Cesaro cracks his neck, then connects with a series of forearms. Sheamus though avoids The Neutralizer and after a brief delay connects with the Brouge Kick and wins the match by pinfall.

Winner: Sheamus
Grade: B

After the match, Sheamus celebrates while clutching his arm. Replays showed how solid this match was, but after the replay I caught that the finish was not connected flush.

The commentary talks about the Brouge Kick.

Next: “Tough Love”.

Josh Mathews and crew talked about the Raw Rebound, which was all about the aftermath of HHH’s matches with Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel. Stephanie McMahon made a decision to NOT let HHH compete even though he cleared to compete. Stephanie explains why she did this. Vince said he will not compete on Raw (and noting his vintage hairstyle). HHH wanted to fight, but Stephanie said no you are not! Vince told him to get his ego out of it. In the end, it looks like she is caught in a rock and a hard place.

This Monday: HHH vs. Curtis Axel on RAW!

Tag Team Match
The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) vs. Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow)

Looks like the WrestleMania DVD will be out (with the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony), well, right now!

Miz TV will host Team Hell No and Randy Orton on Smackdown. I am sure Mike Tedesco will think it is…AWWWWWEEEEESOME!

Jey and Rhodes start the match. Jey applies the headlock, but Rhodes follows suit. Jey then chopped Rhodes a couple times and Jimmy is in the ring. They hit a double elbow drop and after a cover, Rhodes hit a high knee and tagged Sandow. Jimmy is ready and hip tosses Sandow. Jey is in after Jimmy hit some basic moves and uses a forearm shot. Sandow with a quick strikes and Rhodes is in.Rhodes then hit the “Goldust Punch” on Jimmy. Wow! The Usos did a hot shot off the ropes combination to Rhodes and attempted a cover.

Jey works the arm, tagged Jimmy and then hit a top rope sledge. Just with the Usos had the edge Sandow uses a cheating tactic and Rhodes hits a charging knee to Jimmy. Jimmy is in after some sloppy counters by both and goes strong on Sandow. Jimmy went up top and soars with a top corner splash to the floor taking out both Rhodes Scholars. They went to break with all four men down on the floor.


We are back and Jimmy splashes down on Sandow. Jimmy then applied an arm lock. Sandow uses a hair takedown and Rhodes is in. Jimmy works the corner and chops Rhodes. Jey is in and does a top rope sledge on Rhodes. Rhodes escapes a corner splash, and then tags in Sandow. Sandow now works the corner on Jey. Rhodes provided additional support. Sandow then hit a neckbreaker and the Elbow of Distain for a cover. Sandow slows the pace with a chinlock. Jey hits a back suplex and buys time until Rhodes shuts the door. Rhodes stomps on Jey a bit and talks trash.

Rhodes then floors Jey with a front Suplex and then worked the corner. Sandow is tagged in and after whipping Jey to the ropes they were on the same page with a double clothesline and both are down. Rhodes and Jimmy are in. Jimmy is with the hot tag and is very fluent with his feet. He ended it with a rump bump to the corner. Sandow blocks a pin attempt and Jey superkicks Sandow down to the floor. Rhodes connected with the Beautiful Disaster Kick and Jey saves the match. Jey tagged in after the Uso-Kick by Jimmy and he pins Rhodes for the victory. It is their second victory of the week.

Winners: The Usos
Grade: C+

We then got a video hype package of the destruction by Ryback.

At Payback, it will be Cena vs. Ryback in a Three Stages of Hell Match.

Singles Match
Justin Gabriel vs. Curt Hawkins

Ladies and Gents, we have a Justin Gabriel and Curt Hawkins sighting!

The match begins with a tie-up. Gabriel with a shoulder block, then connects with an arm drag and locks the arm. Hawkins shoves Gabriel to the corner and hits a lariat. Hawkins then talks trash and hits a textbook Suplex and gets a quick cover. Hawkins works the back and applies a chinlock to Gabriel.

After a few moments, Gabriel breaks the hold and sells the neck. Gabriel then sets up some kicks to Hawkins. Wow, Gabriel avoids a Hawkins attack and then connects with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Forearms were exchanged and Hawkins responded with a kick and covered Gabriel for two.

Hawkins corners Gabriel and talks trash. After the ref broke it up Gabriel knee thrusts Hawkins to the mat. Gabriel realizes he has a Golden Ticket, climbs up to the top and hits the 450 Splash for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Justin Gabriel
Grade: C to a C-.


Quick Results

Sheamus used the Brogue Kick to defeat Antonio Cesaro
Jey Uso used the Top Rope Splash to help The Usos defeat Rhodes Scholars
Justin Gabriel finishes off Curt Hawkins with the 450 Splash


So now that summer vacation is starting, I am happy to take the helm for a few of the WWE Main Event recaps. And now for some quick thoughts.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro – The match of the night. Though Sheamus won the match, I thought Cesaro was the MVP of the show. He was on par with everything and added some new moves to his already expanded repertoire. I think he is still destined to better things, but it will take time. On Sheamus’ side, he was great in-peril but I found his style against Cesaro to be a bit lackluster. The Brouge Kick was nowhere near the head, which was a minor disappointment to a solid match. The move of the match was easily Cesaro’s top rope knee drop. It was done very well.

Usos vs. Rhodes Scholars – So, The Usos may get a summer run and I could not be more happier. The Usos wrestled some quality matches on Superstars and it was only a matter of time before they earned another opportunity to showcase their skills on a televised program. They did not disappoint for the most part. Rhodes Scholars surprisingly did not generate a lot of offense in a match that I thought went a bit too long. Outside of a segment where some reversals were shaky, this was a quality tag team match. The move of the match was Jimmy Top Rope Splash to the Floor.

Gabriel vs. Hawkins – With all due respect, it was a throwaway to give these guys some time. However, with the only five-plus minutes they got in the program they told a pretty good story. I just don’t know where to go from there. But one thing is certain. Gabriel’s 450 is still wonderful to watch.

Overall Grade: B-

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