Daniel Bryan on being with WWE the last three years

Rvamag.com is featuring an interview with WWE star Daniel Bryan where he talks about being part of the WWE roster the last three years.

Bryan added, “You know what? It’s actually very surreal. It just doesn’t seem like it’s real: the whole thing. Sometimes my music will hit and the people will react really big. It shocks me a little bit and it just puts a smile on my face. I have to actually hide that smile before I go out there, you know? It’s a very strange situation. Actually, when I got fired in 2010 and I went back and did some independent shows, it really felt like where I was supposed to be. It felt very natural and kind of like that was a brief vacation [from] the WWE, where you had water & showers in every building, trainers, and all that kind of stuff. The indie scene is my homeostasis; it’s where I feel most at home, so being in the WWE still just feels very surreal.”

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Ryback talks about headling WWE live events with John Cena

Southflorida.com is featuring an interview with WWE star Ryback who talks about headling WWE live events around the country with WWE Champion John Cena.

Ryback added, “This is what I’ve always wanted,” Ryback says, “what all the hard work I’ve put in each and every day is all for — [to] become the WWE champion and become the No. 1 guy in the company.”

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