WWE Main Event Results 6/12/13

WWE Main Event Results
June 12, 2013
Greensboro, North Carolina
Commentators: Josh Mathews, The Miz, and Ricardo Rodriguez
Report by: Mr. V of Wrestleview.com

No jokes, all business. Welcome to the WWE Main Event recap on Wrestleview!

The Miz makes his way to the ring after Josh Mathews introduced us to the show.  Wade Barrett is at the announcer table. The Intercontinental Championship match is hyped.

The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

Last Monday, The Miz defeated Rhodes with the Figure Four Leg Lock. However, Miz looked a bit wounded with his knee.

The Miz stops to hear the crowd. Rhodes starts off with a headlock, then shoulder blocks Miz. Rhodes then declared that “He’s Awesome”. Miz responds with a headlock. After some off the rope spots, The Miz catapults Rhodes to the corner with a slingshot for a cover of two.

The Miz then applied a headlock in the middle of the ring. Rhodes breaks it at the corner and uses his head to headbutt Miz. Rhodes tried to continue the attack, but The Miz stops him with a clothesline. Rhodes moved away from the ropes for a move, but The Miz then rolls through to a kick for a cover of two. Rhodes lured Miz to the corner and followed it with stomps along the ropes. Miz popped up with some punches, after an exchanged Rhodes landed a dropkick and covered for a two count.

Rhodes wore Miz down with a chinlock. Miz broke the hold, and then punched Miz to the corner. Rhodes brushes off and goes up top. The Miz caught him and tried to apply the Figure Four, but Rhodes gets him out of the ring. As The Miz ran back into the ring Rhodes kicks him hard as we go to our first break.


We are back with Rhodes applying the chinlock. Miz rolls out of a back Suplex then shoves Rhodes out of the ring and followed it with a sliding kick. The Miz goes to the ring frame and charges Rhodes with a sledge. Miz then forced Rhodes to barricade. Rhodes then used Miz’s delay to his advantage, and drilled his wrist to the ring post. The Miz was out of the ring for a count of nine.

The ref tried to check on The Miz, but Rhodes did not want any of that and continued the onslaught on the wrist. Rhodes then applied a wristlock, and added a few knees to the chest for good measure. The Miz broke out of the hold with punches, but Rhodes drops Miz to the ropes with the wrist landing on the ropes first! Rhodes then whipped the wrist to the mat. Rhodes talked a bit of trash, then hit the front Suplex and continued to use the arm scissors and continued more damage on the wrist. Rhodes then had Miz to the ropes again and kicked him hard. However, Rhodes charged at him off the ropes and Miz tosses him over the ropes and Rhodes went down hard. The Miz begins his run and ends with a big boot to the face. No corner clothesline, but after a sunset flip cover The Miz hit his Corner Clothesline. Miz went up top to hit a top rope punch and covered for a two count. Miz continued to sell that wrist. Rhodes quickly attacked with the wrist snap takedown. Miz responded with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combination and covered for a two count. Miz is setting up for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Rhodes shoves Miz shoulder first to the ring post. Rhodes then hit the Beautiful Disaster Kick and The Miz kicked out at two! Rhodes is frustrated, quickly stomped the wrist. And after a couple of reverses, The Miz grabbed Rhodes by the trunks and after a moment Rhodes was forced to tap out.

Winner via Submission: The Miz (Figure Four Leg Lock), Grade: B to a C+.

After the match, Barrett posed with the title and talked trash as The Miz’s hand was raised in victory.

Damien Sandow is in action next.


CM Punk vignette. He WILL return at Payback. Punk will face Jericho on Sunday.

Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara

Before the match, Sandow has a microphone. Also, he will be in the Pre-Show match vs. Sheamus on YouTube this Sunday. Sandow demands silence! Sandow is physically ill, and he wanted to enlighten the unwashed mass (i.e. all of them). Sandow set the bar too high, so for now on he will speak slowly and use words more simple so they can understand. Sandow pledged that he will use physical means which defines how he will beat up Sheamus this week. He said the crowd will learn from it.

The lights are blue and gold. Sandow begins by stomping Cara in the corner. Cara catches Sandow off balance and connects with the head scissors. Sandow tried some trickery, but Sandow pushes him to the corner and attacked Cara. After a snap mare and a knee, he applied a chinlock to the center of the ring. Cara jumps out of a back drop Suplex and hits an enzugiri. Cara then used the theatrical wrist lock takedown and Sandow left the ring. Cara then was about to set up a top rope attack and Sandow runs off. This took us to our next commercial break.


The action continued with Sandow grounding Cara. Cara avoided a corner attack, but Sandown catches Cara and plants him down for a cover of two. Sandow then fights on and kept the high-flying Sin Cara grounded. Sandow then lifted Cara up and slammed him to the mat. Sandow then dragged Cara to the ring frame and dropped a forearm on Cara. Sandow entered the ring again to work on the arm and neck. Cara broke the hold, kicked Sandow off the corner, and hits the Elbow of Distain.  After a cover for two, Sandow applies a deep chinlock while screaming for Cara to QUIT! Cara then finally responded with a Headspring elbow and a Crossbody. Cara then continued his run and delivered a kick to the head, however missed on his top rope plancha. Sandow finished it off quickly with a Uranagi for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Damien Sandow (Uranagi), Grade: C

Barrett and Mathews talked about Payback’s Main Event. Then we get a video recap of the Ryback/Cena feud from Extreme Rules to Last Monday’s Raw.

Tons of Funk (Sweet T and Brodus Clay w/Naomi and Cameron) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso)

In my opinion, The Usos have the best intro to the ring to date.

Jimmy and Clay begin the match. Jimmy tried to chop Clay, but Clay won’t want any of that. They tie-up but Clay pushes him down. Clay starts to dance in front of Jimmy. Jimmy then quickly goes for some strikes, but Clay shoulder blocks him down and Jey takes the tag after Jimmy lands there. Sweet T is tagged as well. Sweet T delivered some punches. Then at the corner Sweet T with a nice corner takedown to Jey. Sweet T dances a bit. Jey applied the headlock and locked it in tight. Jey dances around after a nice flying forearm on Sweet T. They shake hands after but now Clay is tagged in and they power out.

Clay missed on two elbow drops and Jimmy is tagged in. Jimmy with some good kicks. Clay went to the corner and Jimmy hit the corner splash. Clay came back with the headbutt to the chest and strikes. After a Suplex, Jimmy is squashed with the Call My Momma move. The action broke down. After the moment of brawling, Jey is tagged in and The Usos hit a double Uso Kick on Clay. Jimmy is tagged in quickly and hit the Superfly Splash for the pinfall win.

Winners via Pin: The Usos (Jimmy hits the Superfly Splash to Brodus Clay), Grade: C-


Mr. V’s Thoughts

Miz vs. Rhodes – I enjoyed Rhodes’ storytelling in this match. Granted Rhodes loses a lot more than wins, but this is his position with the company and he continued to give 100% in the ring. This was one of his better matches in terms of technical wrestling. He picked a part of the body and ran with it. The Miz was solid in his storytelling as well, but I feel that he is too dependent on the Figure Four and I felt that the move as a babyface finisher for him is a bit goofy. There is no set up, no damage to Rhodes’ legs and all of the sudden he can finish Rhodes off like that? If I was to make a prediction for the Intercontinental Title Match, The Miz’s character does not stand a chance.

Sandow vs. Sin Cara – I was not really invested in this match, and I hope my recap did not show my lack of enthusiasm. Sin Cara just does not change any of his attacks to the larger opponents. It was just a bit underwhelming on Sin Cara’s perspective. Now Sandow really had his tune-up match on this program and he was ok. However, I just thought the match could have gone a bit shorter. Also, why are they still doing the Sin Cara lighting. It is real frustrating to watch.

Usos vs. Tons of Funk – This match was a very quick match that (again) gave The Usos another push towards hopefully bigger and better things. They are a legit fun team to watch perform and can add another element to a deep tag team division. Tons of Funk did their fair share as well, winning the strength battle but in the end the chemistry of the Usos prevailed. I was ok with the result, as it truly did not hurt any of the teams.

Barrett on Commentary – His voice is so perfect for a color commentator. He was great when he did it in FCW years ago and he sold his part to the match. It was meant to be. It was nice to see Barrett continue the commentary position after the opening match. He provided some great feedback in the Sin Cara/Sandow Match and provided good analysis. Furthermore, he ripped on the ridiculous lighting during a Sin Cara match. It was meant to be said. Gold Star to you, Mr. Barrett. He also showed his true expressions on his hatred toward the goofiness that is Tons of Funk. His delivery was very smooth and his lines were crisp. His commentary throughout the program reminded me of his days on FCW right before his feud with Justin Gabriel for the FCW Title. If you missed Barrett at his best, shame on the viewers.

Overall, there were only a few highlights to this fast-paced program. Rhodes was the best wrestler in this program and probably entertainer. Barrett’s commentary was solid, as was Mathews. However, the majority of the card really fell flat to give it a good score for the week.

Overall Grade: C+ to a C  

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