WWE looks back at a bad Pay Per View wrestling posters

WWE.com is featuring an article looking back at bad WWE and WCW Pay Per View posters. One included on the list was a recent poster for Capitol Punishment back in 2011.

To check out the full article and posters, click here.

Brian Orakpo of Washington Redskins talks WWE

Chuck Carroll passed this along.

Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo recently joined teammate Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on 4th & Pain and revealed he was a huge pro wrestling fan during the Attitude Era.

He talks about some of his favorite wrestlers and moments from the Monday Night Wars.

As for modern wrestling, he says he has his eyes CM Punk and John Cena. There was general concesnsus that Cena was more entertaining as the Doctor of Thuganomics.

You can also link off the segment: http://www.layfieldreport.com/Chuck-Carroll_Video-Redskins-Brian-Orakpo-Tal.blog

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