The following was taped on Tuesday from Topeka.

WWE Smackdown for July 5, 2013:

* CM Punk promo. Alberto Del Rio interrupted. Teddy Long came out, booked Punk vs. Del Rio for the main event.

* Backstage segment with Punk & Paul Heyman.

1. The Usos def. Team Rhodes Scholars

* The Shield cut a promo on the video wall.

2. Alicia Fox def. Kaitlyn w/Layla after AJ Lee distracted Kaitlyn.

* Backstage segment where Kaitlyn chased AJ, but the Bellas stopped her. Kaitlyn ran into Big E, who laughed at her.

3. Randy Orton def. Christian

* Backstage segment with Teddy Long & Paul Heyman where Long wanted Heyman to be a guest commentator for the Punk/Del Rio main event.

* Dolph Ziggler promo

4. Dolph Ziggler def. Drew McIntyre w/3MB

* 3MB tried to attack Ziggler afterwards, but he got away and made fun of them.

5. Fandango w/Summer Rae def. Justin Gabriel

6. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio & CM Punk went to a double count-out after Del Rio attacked Paul Heyman at the commentary table and Punk went after him.

* Del Rio cut a promo afterwards. Dolph Ziggler ran out and cleared Del Rio from the ring to close the show.