WWE NXT results 7/4/13

WWE NXT Results
July 4, 2013
Full Sail University
Commentators: Tom Phillips, William Regal
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We go backstage to start the show as Renee Young interviews NXT Champion Bo Dallas. Bo says it doesn’t matter who will face him first for the NXT Title, my “Bo-lievers” know that I will defend this time anytime, anywhere. I strive to be the best there is, the best there was and the best that there ever will be, just like my good friend and mentor, Bret Hart. I saw Bret at Wrestlemania this year, did I tell you I went to Wrestlemania this year and had a match? Renee says Bo had a match at Wrestlemania Axxess. Bo says that if Leo Kruger wants a shot at his title, he has to earn it, just like I did.

Antonio Cesaro walks in and says to Bo how typical of an American to talk about earning it when everything has just been handed to you. What are you, 23 years old? When I was 23, I earned everything the hard way and that’s what makes me the Great American I am today. Its young punks like you that are the downfall of this country. Tonight, I will take this title from you and bring prestige back to the NXT Title because in our America, there are no hand-outs, there’s no mediocrity and there will be no more Bo.

Bo says that he is sorry that Cesaro forgot to introduce himself, he is Antonio Cesaro, one of the most insignificant US Champions in WWE history. After tonight, he will also be the man who will never forget the name of Bo Dallas. Bo leaves as Cesaro is left seething.

We see the usual intro, then we go to the opening match.

NXT Women’s Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: Alicia Fox vs. “The Diva of Tomorrow” Paige

Crowd chants for Paige as the bell sounds. Paige with a quick roll-up for a nearfall. Side headlock takeover, Fox counters out with a headscissors. Paige kips up to get out. Another side headlock takeover by Paige, Fox counters with a roll-up, but Paige maintains the hold. Fox fights out and drives Paige into the mat. Fox goes to the outside to take a breather. Back in, Fox with a go-behind, but Paige backs her into the corner and fights out with a series of back elbows. Fox avoids a corner charge, Paige rolls through a Sunset flip attempt. Fox with a Capoiera style kick, Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Paige sent into the corner multiple times, Fox taunts the crowd. Fox chokes Paige with her knee, talks trash. Snapmare into a chinlock, crowd wills on Paige. Paige fights out, but Fox with a back elbow for a 1 count. Chinlock re-applied, with the knee of Fox driven into Paige’s back. Paige counters out with a jawbreaker. Fox misses a clothesline, Paige takes her down. Shoulder tackle, followed by a biel. Paige goes to the apron, series of knee lifts to Fox. Paige gets back in the ring, but Fox catches her with a dropkick for a nearfall. Fox off the ropes, Paige catches her with a savate kick to the ribs.

Paige hits the Paige Turner for the victory.

Winner and advancing to the Finals of the NXT Women’s Title Tournament: “The Diva of Tomorrow” Paige by pinfall (The Paige Turner)

Paige celebrates her win as we see that she will meet the winner of Summer Rae vs. Emma in the Finals.


Back from commercial, its time for our next match.

Andy Baker vs. Conor O’Brian w/Rick Victor

O’Brian charges out of the corner as the bell sounds and hits not one, but three shoulder tackles. O’Brian with the series of side headlock takeovers, then wrenches in a side headlock. Baker fights back, but O’Brian regains control. One man flapjack connects.

O’Brian off the ropes, Fall of Man connects for the victory.

Winner: Conor O’Brian by pinfall (The Fall of Man)

The Ascension stand tall afterwards as we go backstage.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Corey Graves & Adrian Neville. She mentions that due to the attack last week by the Wyatt Family, Kassius Ohno is injured and will not be able to compete in a 6-Man Tag scheduled for next week. Graves says that what happened to Ohno was unfortunate, but you always have to be prepared for unexpected challenges. Luckily, there is one man who could fill Ohno’s spot. Neville says that William Regal told us how to stop the Wyatt Family, how about now that Regal stand with us and fight and then together, we end the Wyatt Family for good? Graves says the Wyatt Family knows how this ends.


Sylvester LeFort comes out and introduces his client, Scott Dawson, for our next match.

Scott Dawson w/Sylvester LeFort vs. Xavier Woods

Crowd chants for Woods as the bell sounds. Dawson backs Woods into the corner, gut shot. Headbutt to the kidneys, knee to the face. Woods goes up and over, Dawson slips out of a slam. Woods avoids a corner charge, roll-up for a nearfall. Big chop by Woods, followed by an atomic drop that sends Dawson into the corner. Another big chop, but Dawson gets out of another atomic drop. Dawson misses a clothesline, Woods with a spinning headscissors takeover. Woods goes to work on the arm. Dawson gets out with a forearm, Woods sent onto the apron. Woods with a shoulder, but LeFort distracts Woods. This allows Dawson to stop a springboard, sending Woods face-first off the apron. Woods gets back in, but Dawson drives him face-first into the mat. Dawson rakes the face against the ropes, back elbow and a snap leg drop. Dawson pulls at the face, gets a nearfall. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Woods. Woods counters out with a jawbreaker. Uppercut and a right hand. Flying forearm and a front dropkick. Woods yells that its morphin’ time, comes out of the corner, Honor Roll connects.

Lost in the Woods connects for the victory.

Winner: Xavier Woods by pinfall (Lost in the Woods)

Woods celebrates his victory with some dancing.

We go to a promo from the Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt says that people stop being human the day they turn into a beast, which ironically is the same day they start judging. They judge people like me, but what they don’t understand is that I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing and if you were able to see the monster that lives behind these eyes, then you will understand why you have urine running down the front of your leg, or why the beasts surrounding me are walking upright. They gave you a reason, we told you the end was coming. Now, all that will be left is chunks of meat hanging from the teeth of the eater of worlds. Follow the Buzzards!


Back from commercial, Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady come out for our next match. Enzo introduces himself as a certified G and a bonafided stud and you can’t teach that. Enzo introduces Cassady as “Big Cass” and says he is seven feet tall and you can’t teach that! There is one word to describe Mason Ryan and Enzo will spell it for him, S-A-W-F-T, SAWFT!!! Enzo says to Cassady that he will handle this lightweight.

Enzo Amore w/Colin Cassady vs. Mason Ryan

Enzo does some shadow boxing with Cassady as the bell sounds. Enzo turns around, Ryan decks him with a right hand.

1-2-3! Just like that, its over!

Winner: Mason Ryan by pinfall (Right Hand)

Afterwards, Enzo says that it was crap, I wasn’t even ready. Enzo says to Cassady that Ryan won’t get that lucky twice, get after him.

Cassady gets in the ring and we have an impromptu match.

Mason Ryan vs. Colin Cassady w/Enzo Amore

Gut kick, followed by a corner clothesline. Cassady sent sternum-first off the corner, big clothesline by Ryan.

Cobra Clutch Slam connects for the victory.

Winner: Mason Ryan by pinfall (Cobra Clutch Slam)

Ryan celebrates his victory while Enzo & Cassady bicker about their losses.


Back from commercial, Antonio Cesaro heads to the ring with his “Don’t Tread on Me” flag as its time for our main event.

Main Event for the NXT Title: “The Swiss Sensation” Antonio Cesaro vs. Bo Dallas (c)

“No More Bo” chants as the bell sounds. Pre-match intros for this match. “We the People” chants for Cesaro. Backslide by Cesaro for a quick 1 count. Bo with a roll-up, but Cesaro quickly gets out. Bo blocks a suplex, but Cesaro goes to work on the arm instead. Fireman’s Carry by Bo and now he works on Cesaro’s arm. Cesaro takes him down as we hear dueling “No More Bo/Let’s Go Bo” chants by the NXT crowd. Cesaro pulls back Bo’s fingers, then switches to a side headlock. Cesaro with a shoulder tackle for a 1 count. Dropkick by Bo for a 1 count. Cesaro with an uppercut, but runs into a back elbow. Bo goes for a boot, but Cesaro with a roll-up attempt that sends Bo through the ropes to the outside. Cesaro gets Bo back in the ring and gains a nearfall as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as we see Leo Kruger out on the rampway while Cesaro continues to work over Bo. Cesaro takes Bo down into a chinlock. Bo fights back, but Cesaro with a clothesline for a nearfall. Cesaro cracks his neck and hits a running kick to the back of Bo. Snapmare, but instead of going for another kick, Cesaro goes back to the chinlock. Kruger is now at ringside as Bo fights out. Cesaro misses a clothesline and Bo with 2 flying forearms. Gut shot and a running kick to the head. Clothesline/bulldog combo for a nearfall. Cesaro goes right back to the chinlock, but Bo backs him into the corner to get free. Cesaro gets a boot up off a charge, but Bo counters a slam into a reverse DDT for a nearfall. Bo fires up, but Cesaro counters the Acid Drop by crotching Bo on the ropes. Cesaro moves Bo close to the corner, then heads up with him, Super Gutwrench Suplex, but Bo kicks out! Cesaro goes to the middle rope, flying knee drop, but Bo kicks out again!! Cesaro can’t believe it while Kruger watches on. Cesaro fires up and measures Bo. Cesaro goes back to the chinlock and swings him around the ring. Bo turns it into a pinning predicament for a nearfall. Cesaro comes back with a bridging fallaway slam, but Bo kicks out again!! Cesaro with forearms from the mount, followed by a stomp. Cesaro heads up top, but Bo runs up the ropes and belly-to-bellies Cesaro off the top!! Both get up by the ref’s 7 count as Kruger hops up on the apron. Cesaro charges, but Bo ducks and Cesaro runs into Kruger, knocking him off the apron.

Belly-to-Belly by Bo for the victory.

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Bo Dallas by pinfall (Belly-to-Belly Suplex)

The yellow spotlight and steam pyro come out as Bo celebrates his title retention. Kruger then attacks Bo from behind. Kruger’s End connects. Cesaro gets back up and lays out Kruger with an uppercut, sending Kruger to the outside. Cesaro with more right hands to Bo, followed by stomps and a big double stomp. Bo fights back, but then Kruger nails Bo from behind. Kruger and Cesaro stare each other down, then both begin attacking Bo 2 on 1. The music of Sami Zayn hits as he hits the ring and goes right after Cesaro. Zayn clotheslines Cesaro out of the ring while Bo does the same to Kruger. Bo and Zayn stand tall and stare down Cesaro and Kruger. Bo and Zayn shake hands as we go to credits.